Why Parents Love Holy Spirit Preparatory School

If you’re considering enrolling your children at Holy Spirit Preparatory School, you might be wondering—what sets us apart from other educational institutions? At HSP, we believe in the timeless excellence of a classical liberal arts education firmly rooted in Catholic tradition. This rigorous formation in the intellectual and moral virtues equips our students to love truth, beauty, and goodness; to find happiness in their vocation and bring glory to God in all that they do in life.

But don’t take our word for it—just ask the parents of our students! Here’s what they have to say about their experience at HSP.

Why Parents Love HSP

“I love the time that the teachers take to get to know your children so they can help them be the best version of themselves.” – Georgia Tate, Parent of Middle and High School students

The Wingate family

“Our children are truly flourishing in the environment! We are pleased with the quality of education, the friends they have made, the teachers, the helpfulness and kindness of everyone on the team, and the wonderful priests on the campuses. Go cougars!” – Amy Wingate, Parent of Lower, Middle, and High School Students

“At HSP, your children receive individualized attention while learning in a classical Catholic setting. It’s an amazing school with the best band and arts programs around – no other school compares!” – Maria Insalaca, Parent of Lower and High School Students

The Plachys

“We’ve been here for 12 years, and we plan on staying here until our youngest graduates from HSP. For us, it is a place where we know our children are safe, they are thriving, and they are developing into amazing young men.” – Megan Plachy, Parent of Lower, Middle, and High School students

“As the parent of a new Holy Spirit student last year, I was immediately struck by how inclusive the existing students and their families were. The teachers and school administration sincerely welcomed our family, and both my son and I have had the pleasure of forming relationships within the Holy Spirit community. He felt supported by his teachers and recognized their desire to help him succeed. He was encouraged to venture out of his comfort zone and engage in new experiences.” – Elizabeth Eckman, Parent of a High School student

The Dinham Family

“We have found the experience to be more than we could have ever imagined for our son. Through the school’s academics, consistent religious teachings, and athletics, he found his self-confidence again. The Holy Spirit Prep family of educators has far exceeded any of our expectations. The staff, priest, teachers, coaches, and students have been encouraging and inclusive to a new student coming in making the transition seamless. We are thrilled with Holy Spirit Prep.” – Harry and Amy Dinham, Parents of High School students

Because parents are the primary educators of their children, at HSP we work in close partnership with our parents to ensure our students’ success – we are so grateful for their support and love!

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