Introducing: The Life Dynamics Program

This school year, we were pleased to introduce our Life Dynamics program, which aims to teach our students a variety of practical lessons in four different categories: Etiquette & Communication (9th), Oikonomia (10th), the College Process (11th), and Financial Literacy (12th). The Life Dynamics program serves a critical role in helping Holy Spirit Preparatory School fulfill its mission of forming the whole person – body, mind, and soul.

In 9th grade, our students begin with an overview of the dignity of the human person, created male and female in God’s image, with an overview of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body applied to friendship and dating. They also learn spoken and written communication techniques across different media: texting, emailing, and other types of writing. Finally, they finish with classes on table manners and etiquette.

Oikonomia, our 10th grade Life Dynamics course, is a survey in practical life skills including home safety, repairs and maintenance, cleaning, laundry, crocheting, gardening, and interior decorating. During Thanksgiving and Christmastime, students are introduced to various cooking techniques and recipes for meals and desserts.

In 11th grade, most of the Life Dynamics coursework is devoted to honing the life skills students will need after high school. Students learn what to expect in the college application process and sharpen their standardized test-taking and essay writing abilities. They learn how to create a resume and spend several weeks exploring what they can expect in different career paths.

Finally, in 12th grade, students study personal finance, with coursework on the history and teleology of money, including a focus on St. Thomas Aquinas’ philosophy on wealth and virtue. The seniors learn about debt, budgeting, personal cash flow management, and paying taxes. The course also includes lessons on investing, examining everything from the traditional financial investment instruments of stocks and bonds to modern digital assets like Bitcoin. Students will conclude the course by discussing charity, personal giving, and the universal destination of goods.

We are thrilled to offer this new program to our students and hope that their educational experience will be deeply enriched by these practical classes.

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