HSP Alum inspired by 2023 SEEK Conference

Nothing is more encouraging than watching students grow in their faith and build upon the knowledge they’ve gained at Holy Spirit Prep as they move forward in life. Read how William Arnold (HSP Class of 2020) is living out his faith in this article recently published by the Georgia Tech Catholic Center.

“I’ve been to a football stadium plenty of times in my life. I’ve experienced many raucous crowd environments, countless rollercoasters of emotion, and the unbreakable bonds of fanhood. When I attended the Seek conference in St. Louis at the beginning of this year, I [set] foot into another football stadium. It was the typical infrastructure, with metal railings, plastic folding seats, and an epoxy-covered cement floor. There was quite a large crowd there, but there was no football game. There wasn’t even a football. Instead, in the middle of the field stood an altar, and on that altar rested the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ.


Celebrating the gift of the Mass with 17,000 fellow Catholics in a football stadium was nothing short of triumphant. Throughout the many crowds I have been a part of, none felt closer than the community of believers I was sitting among, especially my fellow Georgia Tech peers. Each person in that stadium… focused on the presence of the Lord in our midst. We learn about the might and glory of God, but never have I been able to experience it on that scale. The Mass is so precious. The Eucharist is the most perfect gift. Being able to share it with thousands of fellow college-age Catholics at Seek was so life-giving.


It’s common for us to worry today about the growth of secular culture and apathy toward the Faith. After worshipping with many brothers and sisters in Christ whom I may never see again, I am happy to proclaim that there is no need to worry. I was blessed to witness Jesus Christ take hold of an entire stadium of believers. The Lord continues to work through us and build his kingdom, and I pray that all of us continue to accept Him into our lives in the same way as everyone sitting around me in that stadium.”


– William Arnold, The Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. in Biology, Class of 2024

Republished with permission from the Georgia Tech Catholic Center.

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