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Chalcedon pulls off the dodgeball comeback of the year to win it all!

It is my privilege to welcome you to the Upper School Student Leadership pages.  Here you will gain an understanding of the immense undertaking our students place upon themselves to lead our school, their peers and the future generations of Cougars.  Their leadership takes place in many forms including in an apostolate, a club or our House System.  Leadership opportunities are everywhere and Holy Spirit Prep takes it upon itself to ensure that all students seeking a leadership role will find one and have their skills crafted. 

Every student organization we have is run by student leaders who will be trained in how to achieve maximum effectiveness and participation from their peers.  Leadership training seminars throughout the school year will be held to enhance their leadership potential.  Any student with the drive to start their own student organization is always welcome to share their ideas and I am dedicated to helping them get their vision off the ground and running.

Whether it’s heading to a mission trip with our team in Campus Ministry, preparing Christmas gifts for the needy, spending time at retirement homes with the elderly or traveling to Whitley City, Kentucky to build and repair homes, our apostolates are dedicated to spreading the Holy Spirit way across God’s Kingdom.  Students have the choice of which apostolate to work with under the dedicated faculty and student leadership.  It is while doing these acts of service that our students can gain the real world experience of sharing our values with those less fortunate than us.  Our endless list of clubs offers students a chance to enhance and express themselves outside of the classroom and off the athletic fields.  Nothing beats watching our students prepare International Day and feed our community with cuisines from around the globe, seeing them perform, paint, draw and sing with their hearts or finishing off an opponent with a checkmate. 

Our school’s passion and commitment to student leadership and support is evident in our newly enhanced House System.  Each house has their own page to share with you their leaders, events and accomplishments.  The houses partake in many events including, big brother/sister programs, fundraisers, service events, house lunches, feast day celebrations, athletic and academic competitions and more.  Enjoy reading and learning about how each house has their own unique spirit and culture.

If you have any questions after reading about our student leadership programs please feel free to ask me.  I am dedicated to enhancing our student’s leadership abilities and opportunities and welcome any and all suggestions. 


David Rosenzweig
Dean of Houses