The Pope Benedict XVI Resource Center

The Pope Benedict XVI Resource Center (Benedict Center) provides support to high school students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia or other learning differences. The objective of the Benedict Center is to maximize each student’s potential for success at Holy Spirit Prep, and to equip students with the skills necessary to experience high school as well prepared, successful, and confident students who are ready for success in college and life. Students participate in the Benedict Center by agreement between the students’ parent(s) and school administration. In some cases, participation may be a condition of initial or continuing enrollment at Holy Spirit Prep.

Benedict Center students may participate in the Resource Program or in the Study Hall Program. In both programs, students receive academic support in a small group setting. This academic support includes: 

  • Reinforcement in the subject areas of greatest need and assistance in understanding instructions and concepts by which the student is challenged
  • Instruction and support in the development of note-taking, study, and organizational skills

The chart below details the times that academic support is offered for students in each program.

Program Type Before and after school each day Cougar Period (3x per week) Study Hall (75 minutes every other day)
Benedict Center Resource Program
Benedict Center Study Hall Program    

Students enrolled in the Benedict Center program will receive a Personal Learning Plan (PLP), prepared by the guidance counselor and reviewed with parent(s) and Upper School Administration. The Benedict Center is also equipped to help support students’ assistive technology needs, as approved by the school and the testing psychologist. The Benedict Center offers the assistance of a counselor who is available to liaise between the resource and classroom faculty, and to work with students who may need emotional support with issues related to their learning. Benedict Center faculty will communicate with parents on a regular basis regarding their child’s progress. Parents may schedule an in-person meeting with Benedict Center faculty upon request and are also welcome to contact faculty via phone or email with questions or concerns they may have 

Benedict Center Resource Program tuition is paid in addition to standard Holy Spirit Prep tuition. Tuition for the 2021-22 resource program is $4,335.00 per semester. The Benedict Center Study Hall Program tuition is also paid in addition to standard Holy Spirit Prep tuition and for the 2021-2022 school year is $2,000.00 per semester.   

For additional information regarding the Pope Benedict XVI Resource Center, please contact Luz Forero at or at 678.904.2811.



Luz Forero
Benedict XVI Center Coordinator