The Pope Benedict XVI Resource Center

The Pope Benedict XVI Learning Center (the Benedict Center) at Holy Spirit Prep provides support to students in grades 8-10 who have been diagnosed with dyslexia or other language processing exceptionalities, and/or organizational challenges. The objective of the Benedict Center is to equip students with the skills necessary to experience Junior High as well prepared, successful and confident students. The Center offers a cadre of qualified staff dedicated to providing individualized support.

Enrollment in the Benedict Center requires current psycho-educational testing (and, if appropriate, other testing reports) as well as supplemental tuition. Testing must document learning needs the Center is equipped to meet.

Resource Program

An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is prepared for each student enrolled in the Benedict Center's full resource program, with the purpose of outlining the support needed to maximize the student’s strengths and overcome or accommodate challenges.   Depending upon the needs of the student, resource services outlined in the IRP may include in-class assistance and modifications, one-on-one instruction, small group instruction, study and organizational skills training and homework tutorial.  Academic benchmarks, progress reports and parent-teacher conferences are provided three times a year to track the student’s growth. 

The Benedict Center requires supplemental tuition

Students enrolled in the full resource program participate in the typical school schedule, and attend classes routinely scheduled for their grade level. The students receive in-class resource support based upon their strongest areas of need, and also receive instruction in study skills and organizational strategies. Benedict Center students in the full resource program also receive a minimum of one weekly small-group tutoring session with a resource teacher, to focus on areas where the student requires additional reinforcement. Specific multi-sensory, sequential strategies are used to reinforce student learning. The Center is also equipped to help support assistive technology needs (as approved by the testing psychologist).

In addition, the Benedict Center operates as a homework guidance program, available only to students who receive resource services, after the conclusion of the regular school day, Mondays through Thursdays. The tutorial program is designed to provide a quiet study environment for students. The student is not led one-on-one through their homework, but is instead provided with assistance in understanding any instructions and concepts by which he or she is challenged.

For additional information regarding the Pope Benedict XVI Learning Center, please contact Jenna Dwyer at or at 678.904.2811.



Jenna Dwyer
Benedict XVI Center Coordinator