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Mr. Rose Becomes Master Teacher

Posted: 10/9/2019

Assistant Principal for Students and 11th Grade Dean David Rosenzweig has been named a Master Teacher by the Georgia Independent School Association. GISA’s Master Teacher designation recognizes teachers who exhibit best practices in the classroom and a willingness to collaborate with others. GISA Master Teachers "inspire excellence in the classroom, among colleagues, and, especially, students."

"I am truly honored and humbled to receive this recognition," Mr. Rosenzweig said. "Many of my colleagues assisted me in this endeavor, but I’d like to specifically thank Mrs. Jamie Reger. She is a GISA Master Teacher and helped throughout the lengthy process." 

To be accepted into GISA’s Master Teacher program, candidates must submit a detailed application. Applicants must also submit a portfolio of three tangible examples of outstanding work related to the classroom and to collaborating with other educators. The final part of the application is an unedited video of the candidate’s classroom teaching utilizing best practices and five letters of recommendation from colleagues, administrators, parents, and students. 

Mr. Rosenzweig will be recognized at the GISA Annual Conference this fall.