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SJC Brings Christmas to Kentucky

Posted: 12/19/2018

For the fifth consecutive year, the Holy Spirit Prep community has provided Christmas for the kids of Whitley City in McCreary County, Kentucky. As a significant piece of the St. Joseph’s Cohort outreach to Appalachian Kentucky, Appalachian Christmas Child helps bring gifts, good cheer, and smiles to the kids of this little corner of southern Kentucky.

SJC student members have been handing out names and collecting the gifts over the past few weeks, and on Thursday, December 6, they loaded all of the gifts in the Cougar minivan bound for Kentucky. Mr. Radosta and Mr. Labbé delivered the 51 gifts purchased by HSP families to the families in Whitley City. Arriving late Thursday night, they met others from Chicago and Cincinnati who were in town for the same reason. Overall, this group of friends makes Christmas a reality for over 350 children. Seeing the beaming faces of the kids and their parents as they wander through the toy section, eventually finding the perfect toy, makes it all worthwhile. When they add a colorful bag full of goodies from their “Secret Santa”, it truly is a magical sight!

Everyone in SJC would like to thank those who helped make Appalachian Christmas Child possible for a very special group of kids. Happy Christmas to all and may God smile upon you and keep you safe and warm this holiday season!