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Mrs. Jimenez Invited to Faith and Astronomy Workshop

Posted: 10/30/2018

Congratulations to Upper School science teacher Mrs. Jimenez for being accepted to attend the 2019 Faith and Astronomy Workshop sponsored by the Vatican Observatory Foundation. This four-day workshop in Tucson, Arizona is "designed to bring those working in Catholic parishes and schools an up-to-date overview of the universe: from the Big Bang, to the search for life in the universe, to our exploration of the planets… as seen through the eyes of the Jesuit priests and brothers who work at the Vatican’s own astronomical observatory."

Mrs. Jimenez has always been fascinated with science and faith, her two favorite subjects. She loved to discuss these topics in her youth groups and throughout her college years, trying to tackle one of the greatest questions of origin. More recently, she has attended workshops concerning science and faith at the local Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center for the past three years.

At a workshop last spring, she had the pleasure of hearing the President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation Br. Guy Consolmagno, S.J. give a lecture. Mrs. Jimenez described his persona as a cross between "nerdy scientist and peaceful Jesuit" which are two things not commonly intertwined. His talk encouraged her to apply for the Faith and Astronomy Workshop.

For Mrs. Jimenez, this study and work in the fields of faith and science goes beyond attending workshops. She expects to clarify and establish the place for evolution in Catholic education through writing a handbook for evolution in Catholic education. "The handbook is in its infancy phase," explained Mrs. Jimenez. "I'm still just brainstorming and writing as ideas come to me, but I want tackle topics that are often misunderstood and set some basic premises."