Nicaea: The Red House

Hello! My name is Rebecca Rios and I can’t wait to lead Nicaea as House president for the 2017-2018 school year. Through the House of Nicaea, my high school experience has been made more personal and unforgettable than I ever imagined. Even as a new student, during my freshman year, Nicaea integrated me into the student body socially and spiritually. As president, I will take this opportunity to cultivate and grow the House to its full potential in the coming year.

In serving the House, I have alongside me an exponentially hardworking group of students as my leadership team. The leadership team is full of passionate members, who I believe will help lead the house to victory in the coming year. As my right hand, Sabina Grigorian takes on the important role as vice president. Together, we will lead the members of Nicaea as a collective force. Next in line are the real work horses of the house, Haben Tijar and Sarah Gunderson. Haben and Sarah will be this year’s captains, who will run our everyday operations and aid special events. Our dynamic duo, Julia and Camila Del Bosque, will be the House prefects. Julia is our service project coordinator, which entails creating a large inclusive service opportunity for the house. Camila is in charge of our sports activities during House flexes; while creating teams and rules, she will also be the face of enthusiasm for the stands. My junior high rep this year is the creative and talented Ania Grigorian. With these important talents, Ania earned the spot of PR chair, who will make all advertisement necessary for the house. Together, I know we will further the House though our passion of “Veritas, Virtus, Triumphus.” Truth, Virtue, and Triumph!

Rebecca Rios
Nicaea House President

2017-18 Photos

2016-17 Photos

1st Home Football Game

2nd Home Football Game

JH Home Football Game

Homecoming Game 2016

Nicaea at the volleyball game

2015-16 Photos

1st Football Game

2014-15 Photos

1st JV Football Game

1st Varsity Football Game 18-8 a win!!!

JV Volleyball Game

at the Homecoming game

Senior Night for football

2013-14 Photos

C-Pride for Nicaea

Nicaea at the Fun Run

C-Pride award at a volleyball game.

C-Pride award at a junior high football game

Ms. Rombalski joining in on another Nicaea C-Pride award!

Homecoming Game

House Motto: Veritas, Virtus, Triumphus (“Truth, Virtue, Triumph”)
House Saint: St. Peter, Holy Apostle, First Pope, and Martyr
Council of Nicaea: 325 AD

It was the First Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church.

Its principal task was to affirm the full divinity of Jesus Christ in response to the Arian heresy that Christ was only a creature.

The Council composed the Nicene Creed.

Rebecca Rios
Nicaea House President

Sabina Grigorian

Haben Tijar
Sarah Gunderson


Ania Grigorian
Carolina Loria

Junior High Representatives