Hello! I am David Sullivan, the president of the reigning House Champion, House of Lyons, and I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to defend our hard-earned title. This is my first year of elected service within the House System, although I have served as House Sacristan in two prior years, and I am honored to have been selected from a pool of amazing candidates to represent and lead the House. It will require a lot of work to maintain Lyons’ supremacy among the Houses, but I pledge that my most vehement efforts will go to two major goals for the 2017-2018 school year: to take home another title for Lyons and return to Six Flags one more time, and to inspire as much zeal and passion for the House in its members , whether they are newly-joined or hardened veterans, as I possibly can.

I will not be alone this year. The entirety of the phenomenal leadership team is as committed to these goals as I am. Our Vice President, Jordan Daly, is extremely experienced in House Leadership, and her background in previous administrations will prove invaluable for creating our path to success yet again this year. Our captains, Regina Munoz and Angel Casillas, are in charge in day-to-day operations of the House, with Angel serving as our Sports Chair (in charge of the organization of our various physical activities throughout the year) and Regina will be helping in all facets of House functions. Our prefects, Rosie Stagliano and Pamela Flores, will serve under the Captains and assist them in preparing what is necessary for House events and duties, with Rosie returning to her role as PR Chair, responsible for the proliferation of necessary information to all House members, and Pamela serving as Flex Chair, accountable, along with Angel, for the flex periods Lyons must organize throughout the year. Our youngest, yet no less eager, leaders are Tomas Hossain-Aguilar and Mariana Munoz; Tomas, as Service Chair, will be in charge of creating a Service project for Lyons and also assisting in the administration of such, and Mariana will be implemented in multiple different capacities throughout the year. Our supplementary leadership includes House Sacristan Madeleine Hardt, Jr. Sacristan Max Bendig, House Statistician Eli Sysyn, and House Pride Coordinator Kyle Bannon. Our wonderful House Master, Mrs. Reger, and Faculty Associate, Mr. Clements, will also be integral parts of our quest for glory.

It took a long time for Lyons to win, and now that we are up top, neither I, nor any other members of the leadership team, have any intention of letting that slip. As our motto, Semper melius, states, we are always better; now is the time to show it.

Thank you and Viva Lyons,
David Sullivan
Lyons House President

2017-18 Photos

2016-17 Photos

1st Home Football Game

1st Home VBall Game

2nd Home Football Game

Lyon at the volleyball game

2015-16 Photos

1st Home Game



Football Game

Lyon at 2nd football game

2014-15 Photos

The return of Chris Sequeira to the House of Lyon at senior night.

2013-14 Photos

Lenny Jimenez working at the Fun Run

Chris, Eve, Stephanie, Ciara and Drew at the Fun Run representing Lyon!

Great group shot of Lyon at the Fun Run

Senior Russell Clark winning the Man of HSP Contest!

Lyon President's Board Meeting

C-Pride award for Lyon

Lyon at the junior high football game

Lyon House Lunch

Kate showing Lyon pride

5th grade Lyon members

Sun shining down on Lyon

Selina and Emma at the Gauntlet

C-Pride Single at a Basketball Game

Ciara Doyle is a very happy Logos Competition winner!!!

House Motto: Semper Melius ("Always better")
House Saint: St. Jude
Council of Lyons: March 31,1272

Drew up plans for a crusade to recover the Holy Land.

The Council wanted to unify the Eastern and Western Churches after the Great Schism.

Dealt with the reform of the Church, several bishops and abbots were deposed for unworthiness, but both the Dominicans and the Franciscans were approved.

Prescribed that cardinals were to wear a red hat.

David Sullivan
Lyons House President

Jordan Daly

Regina Munoz
Angel Casillas


Rosie Stagliano
Pamela Flores


Tomas Hossain-Aguilar
Mariana Munoz
Junior High Representatives