The House System

A crucible for leadership.
A family of students.

At Holy Spirit Prep, students are “tied” into a House which they will call their House for the rest of their lives. The House System serves as a platform for intrascholastic competition and collaboration throughout the school year. Our alumni love to return to campus and check up on their house.

Head Girl
Head Boy
Head Girl

My name is Jenny, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Holy Spirit Prep as Head Girl. Ever since I entered the school in the third grade, Holy Spirit Prep has welcomed me into its vibrant community and made my experience here highly memorable. The teachers and upperclassmen here have continuously inspired me and my peers to support one another and give back to the community. As I became more involved in clubs, sports, and apostolates, including One Apostolate, Alpha Phi, Newspaper, Cross Country, and Track and Field, one of the most lasting lessons which they have taught me is to never miss an opportunity to serve others. For the 2020-2021 school year, I am incredibly honored to assist such passionate faculty members and continue the work of student leaders before me.

Entering into the new school year, I am excited to be working alongside a few of the most skilled, creative, and dedicated peers that I have met at Holy Spirit Prep. With the help of the Head Boy, Hector, I am confident that our leadership team will be able to go above and beyond the status quo in aiding the student body. I am truly thankful of how the Holy Spirit Prep family has taken me in throughout these past eight years, and I can’t wait for the underclassmen to feel at home as I have here. Through the numerous retreats, fundraisers, school-wide events, and Flex periods that our leadership team will oversee, I hope that all students will be able to shape fun and unique memories that they will treasure years down the road.

Head Boy

My name is Hector Padilla, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve our spectacular HSP community as Head Boy. Throughout my time as a student at Holy Spirit Prep, I have been involved in numerous clubs and teams, some of my favorites being Milites Christi and our 2x State Champion Swim team. Being the school's Head Boy has been a dream of mine since I can remember, and now that I'm finally here, I am even more excited to bring about all the great ideas that have been building up to this point.

I am especially excited about the new leadership team, which consists of the ever capable Jenny Li as Head Girl, who I know will do a great Job. Many things are new this year, and I am ready to take on these new challenges head on. 

House Motto
Semper Melius ("Always better")

House Saint
St. Jude

Council of Lyons
March 31,1272


House Motto
Veni vidi vici ("I came, I saw, I conquered")

House Saint 
St. Thomas Aquinas

Chalcedon Council 
October 8 - November 1, 451


House Motto 
Veritas, Virtus, Triumphus (“Truth, Virtue, Triumph”)

House Saint
St. Peter, Holy Apostle, First Pope, and Martyr

Council of Nicaea
325 AD


House Motto
Sapientia Vitam Dat ("Wisdom gives life")

House Saint
St. Anthony

Council of Trent


Key Aspects of the House System

• Service projects
• Fundraisers
• Sponsoring school events, i.e., Homecoming, Spring Dance, and House Days
• House feast days
• Hosting school athletic and non-athletic contests
• Sharing meals together
• Academic and peer mentoring
• Sponsoring House apostolates

Leadership Opportunities

Head Boy and Head Girl are responsible for being the “faces” of Holy Spirit Prep.  They are the leaders of the student body and partake in all aspects of our community, including being members of the Honor Council and Leadership Council.

President and Vice President (1 of each per house, Seniors): Presidents lead their respective house with the guidance of the faculty House Adult. Presidents are members of the Leadership Council.

Captains (2 per house, Juniors)
Prefects (2 per house, Freshmen or Sophomores)
Junior High Reps (2 per house, 8th graders)

Middle School Reps (1 per house per grade in 5th, 6th and 7th grades): The Middle School Representatives make up the Middle School Leadership Council which connects to and mirrors the Upper School Leadership Council.