Welcome to the House System!

1st Place


Hello, my name is Sarah Durham and I am honored to be serving this community as the Head Girl for the 2017-2018 school year. I have gone to HSP since I was two years old, and I cannot think of a better place to have grown up. This school has raised me, and I cannot thank the village that is our school community enough for that. HSP is not only my metaphorical family but also houses my literal family. My older brother graduated class of 2016, and I also have a younger sister and a younger brother who are both in the Lower School. I am hopeful that in this school year that I can show my gratitude by working hard to be the best leader that I can be.

HSP is a place like no other. I remember my matriculation to the Upper School in seventh grade and I was terrified. I soon learned that all of my fears were unjustified. I was welcomed by and began to look up the big, but friendly, seniors who once frightened me. That is the very essence of our school - seventh graders being friends with upperclassmen, a place where each person is nurtured and helped to grow in every way shape and form.

The Head Boy, Patrick Schulman, and I have some very large shoes to fill. I feel honored that the school believes in us and I believe we are both up to the challenge. We will try to emulate our excellent predecessors and I am confident that we can make the 2017-2018 school year memorable. 

I cannot wait to see what the year brings!

Sarah Durham
Head Girl

My name is Patrick Schulman, and I have the honor of serving Holy Spirit Prep as Head Boy for the 2017-18 school year. I joined the HSP family in 2009, although I have been a parishioner of Holy Spirit Catholic Church for as long as I can remember. I have regularly played football since 7th grade, and have been an occasional participant in soccer, track and field, and the musical. I have also been involved in student leadership for three years.

As Head Boy, it is my mission to ensure that every student, prospective and current, feels that they share in this community by serving as a strong and capable role model for the younger students. I will become more involved across campuses and interact with the younger students. I look forward to getting to know each of the other students on a more personal level, as I feel that this is a critical aspect of the unique culture at Holy Spirit, and points to our Catholic roots by accepting all into our family, universally.

I am confident that alongside our Head Girl, Sarah Durham, and the House Leadership Team, we will continue to let this Holy Spirit culture thrive.

Patrick Schulman
Head Boy

The House System at Holy Spirit Prep encompasses all that is wonderful with our community.  Students enter our community and are “tied” into their own family which they will call their house for the rest of their lives.  Our alumni love to return to campus and check up on their house. 

Key aspects of the House System include:

•Service Projects
•Sponsoring School Events, i.e., Homecoming, Spring Dance, Junior High Night (coming 2016/17), and House Days
•House Feast Days
•Hosting School Athletic and non-Athletic Contests
•Sharing Meals Together
•Academic and Peer Mentoring

Leadership Opportunities include:

Head Boy and Head Girl are responsible for being the “faces” of HSP.  They are the leaders of the student body and partake in all aspects of our community, including being members of the Honor Council and Leadership Council.

President and Vice President (1 of each per house, Seniors): Presidents lead their respective house with the guidance of the faculty House Master/Mistress.  Presidents are members of the Leadership Council.

Captains (2 per house, Juniors)
Prefects (2 per house, Freshmen or Sophomores)
Junior High Reps (2 per house, 8th graders)