College Visits

On-Campus Visits

Over one hundred college representatives visit Holy Spirit Prep during the school year.  The representatives that visit our schools come to meet with interested students as well as to learn more about our great school.

We schedule all of our on-campus college representative visits through an online site, RepVisits. is our only outlet to schedule a campus visit. Should you have questions or any issues signing up for a visit, please contact Ashley Meyer directly at with your concerns. We do not host on-campus college visits during HSP’s lunch hour, 11:15 am - 12:00 pm or on Wednesday’s during the 10:00 am hour due to our weekly mass.

A calendar of college representative visits is linked to the main school calendar.  They can be accessed by checking the College Counseling box in the Calendar.  In addition, they will be posted on Naviance under College Visits.  You can visit the How To page for instructions on how to sign up for a visit.

Off-Campus Visits

Students are encouraged to visit college campuses as part of their college search.  Whether you visit one of our great Georgia schools or travel across the country, campus visits can help a student get a feel of what it would be like to be a student at that college or university.

Students are encouraged to use school breaks and the summer for off-campus college visits.  Because this is not always an option, the College Counseling has allowed three excused absences for juniors and seniors for college visitations.

The parent(s) of any student requesting an excused absence for a college visit must email the college counselor at least 2 days (48 hours) prior to the visit.  An email confirmation will be returned informing the parent that the absence is/is not excused.

For more information concerning this procedure please refer to the HSP Policies.

Are you an Admission Counselor who wants to visit Holy Spirit Prep? Schedule your visit through RepVisits.

Ashley Meyer
Director of Academic and College Counseling

678.904.2811, ext. 262