Connections is our community of women, devoted to building prayer, spiritual growth, and personal formation opportunities, as well as fellowship among the HSP ladies.

Our Patron Saint is St. Teresa of Calcutta. Her holy and joyful testimony of praying and loving every person with Jesus heart, and being a spiritual mother to us all, is truly inspiring!

Our Motto is: “When you know how much God is in love with you, then you can only live radiating that love.”

This year’s leading phrase of the Connections journey to pause and hear God’s loving calls in our hearts is: “The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace.” -St Teresa of Calcutta

Upcoming Events

RSVP for the Pro-Life Night of Prayer


RSVP for the Pro-Life Night of Prayer

I . E V E N T S

February 20th: Morning from 8am to 11am in HSP LS, or February 25th: Evening from 6pm to 9pm in HSCC. Lenten Retreats with a panel/testimony of gratitude, and a Campus Ministry Lenten Reflection.

March 11th: Family Pro-Life Night of Prayer from 6pm to 8:15pm in HSCC. Mass, Dinner, Pro-Life Rosary, and Pro-Life Testimony in the presence of the Holy Sacrament.

April 23rd: Upper School Library from 7pm to 9pm
Couples Conference and fellowship: “Ways to Connect with our Spouse, to Build a Strong and Faithful Marriage and Family” by Patti Di Rito, counselor and cofounder of Holy Family Counseling Center.

I I . P R A Y E R

1. R o s a r i e s – “The Rosary is the remedy for all our evils, the root of all our blessings” Pope Leo XIII

Preschool: First Fridays of the Month – Connections Rosary at 1pm in the Preschool Teacher Lounge, and brief reflection and fellowship get together right after.

Lower School: First Fridays of the Month - Connections Rosary at 7:50am in the LS Chapel, mass at 8:15am, and brief reflection and fellowship get together in Campus Ministry Lounge. Sacred Heart of Jesus Society for parents.

Upper School: Connections Rosaries before all US Masses, both offered in a special way for the families of each grade level, in a rotating schedule. For the rotation dates per grade level, please refer to the Pilgrim Queen signup genius.

We pray for your intentions anonymously if you add them to the Prayer Boxes at: PS (entrance lobby), LS (front office), and US (St. Joseph Chapel). We always pray for many blessings to be bestowed upon all the HSP families!

2 - P i l g r i m  Q u e e n - Gathering families together at home to pray (talk to God) once a day!
Grade level Connections Reps will accompany families who are visited by the Pilgrim Queen, and aid in logistics.

Preschool: Our Lady’s blessed visits to families will be every other Friday. Students signup with their teacher, so they are motivated to pray by being Christ’s superheroes at home!

Lower School: Our Lady’s blessed visits to families will be after their grade level mass. Students signup with their teacher (non IB) or Elizabeth Stromberg (IB), very motivated to pray and be Christ’s superheroes at home!

Upper School: Our Lady’s blessed visits to families will be after the US Mass offered for their grade level. Students signup with Yvonne Fontaine, and signup genius in HSP Communications for parents.

3 - P r o – L i f e  G r o u p s  o f  P r a y e r
Leader: Margaret Grigorian,

I I I . B O O K  S T U D I E S

Every book we read becomes part of who we are.

Preschool “Discovering God Together” book, led by Xiomara Pastor. RSVP

Lower School “The Temperament God Gave You” book, led by Leyla Lewis. RSVP

Middle School “Hold On to Your Kids” book, led by Stephanie Donner. RSVP

Upper School “Beloved” book, led by Melissa Olsen. RSVP

I V . F E L L O W S H I P 

Get togethers to share heart to heart per grade level organized by Connections
Reps, and fellowship moments at every Connections event or Book Study.

Connections Organizing Team
Araceli Sanroman
Heather Kerutis
Stephanie Donner
Margaret Grigorian
Kathleen Magnusson
Michelle Sipos

Grade Level Connections Reps
MMO Leah Martin
PK2 Kaitlyn Dreifus
PK3 Xiomara Pastor
PK4 Meghan Pietrantonio
K / PF Araceli Sanroman
1st Marcela Friedrich and Kiley Nardelli
2nd Leyla Lewis
3rd Bibiana De Santolo
4th Tricia Mulcare and Erika Lindholm
5th Gisele Villazon
6th Kathleen Magnusson
7th Clara Olguin
8th Lorraine Tully and Rosa Haller
9th Lori Rubio
10th Paula Sautre
11th Melissa Olsen
12th Patty Torres


When do we meet?
Each grade will have the opportunity to meet at least one time throughout the school year. The Connections Coordinator for your student's grade is responsible for scheduling a spiritual gathering which may include attending Mass, praying the rosary or just getting together for coffee and discussing prayer requests. The possibilities are endless! If you are interested in being the Connections Coordinator for your student's grade, please email us at

What else do we do?
CONNECTIONS will also host events for women with motivational speakers and retreat opportunity. Please know that our ongoing prayer includes support of those in need, through prayer requests, and other outreach methods of help and support. Please click the button below to send us information about someone who needs our support or if you would like to help by sharing your "gifts" of time, talents or prayer. You can always reach us at