The Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) organizes numerous social, educational, and spiritual events each year which create the strong sense of community that is a hallmark of Holy Spirit Prep.  In addition, the PVA sponsors a fundraiser each fall which supports many events throughout the school year such as the Fun Run, the Mother-Son Spring Event, the Father-Daughter Dance, Catholic Schools Week activities, and Grandparents’ Day to name a few.  All of our parents and grandparents have abundant opportunities to support the PVA with their time, talent, and treasure.

The Men's Committee is a collaborative organization of HSP men, working in cooperation with the school administration, to support and enhance the development of the spiritual, academic, financial, and social environment of the school. Focus areas include athletics, community and church. All men of the HSP community are invited and encouraged to participate.‚Äč

Connections is a community of women committed to building prayer and spiritual growth opportunities with all women of the HSP community. Women of all faiths are invited and encouraged to participate.

INSPIRATIO, The Parent Education Committee, works with the school administration in planning guest speaker presentations and workshops for parents four times a year.