Our Curriculum

  Young Scholars Program Pre-K4
Religion Chapel with Deacon Bill/Virtue of the Week
Early Literacy Orton-Gillingham
Mother Goose Pearson OWL
Writing our Catholic Faith
Math Math Their Way Pearson OWL 
Science          Delta Education Discovery Science                    Pearson OWL/Super Science
STEAM STEAM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)
Foreign Language Spanish
Music Singing, Playing Musical Instruments, Performing Arts
 Fine Arts  Fine Arts Program
Creative Movement Physical Education


Our Preschool has a student teacher ratio of 6:1 in each class in order to provide personalized learning and individualized attention to each student. Learning takes place in an environment that is Christ-centered, warm, caring and fun. Teachers strive to inspire creativity and imagination while developing social skills.

In our Young Scholars programs for 2- and 3-year-olds, we focus on:

  • development of fine and gross motor control, 
  • color and shape awareness, 
  • letter and number recognition,
  • and counting.

In addition, our 3-year-old students enjoy an introduction into the world of math using the Mathematics Their Way curriculum, which provides various hands-on and activity-centered opportunities to learn basic math skills. Our 3-year-old students use Handwriting Without Tears to develop and master their handwriting skills as well as the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory program for the development of literacy.                                                                 

Our Pre-K4 full day program, located at our Lower School campus, builds on this foundation with the Pearson Opening the World of Learning (OWL) program which offers a comprehensive curriculum covering language arts, math, science and social studies. Our preschoolers love the OWL program because it offers engaging and exciting manipulatives, board books, audio CDs, as well as various learning games that highlight literacy and math concepts. Students enjoy a deeper understanding of concepts through attention to oral language development and opportunities for conversation built into all parts of our day.

The innovative design of the OWL program allows for differentiated instruction which allows teachers to meet students where they are, with lesson modifications that allow children to participate in instruction at their own level.

Our individualized instruction and comprehensive curriculum allow our teachers to be aware of each student’s individual learning style. Our curriculum develops at a pace that allows students to enjoy the world of learning and to be successful as they move forward into kindergarten.

Our Preschool curriculum is designed to offer our preschool students a smooth and happy transition into kindergarten. Our students are well-prepared for the challenges of kindergarten and beyond as we seek to instill in them a love of learning.