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Seniors Sign to Play Basketball

Posted: 12/4/2019

After all they've come through, it was inspiring to see Olivia Tucker and Kemia Ward sign their letters of intent to play basketball at the college level. Olivia will attend Young Harris College in the fall, and Kemia will be playing for Austin Peay State University.

The signing ceremony was an emotional one. Both players had suffered injuries resulting in surgeries, but the two held strong through it all. "After two knee surgeries, [basketball] was a struggle for [Kemia]," explained Coach Paul Belcher. "She had to learn a different kind of basketball." And, she did. "This girl is a workhorse," continued Coach Paul. "She helped me mold the team to win their first state championship."

When Coach Paul spoke about Olivia, he had to hold back tears. After recovering from a major surgery last year, she came back to the team to work harder than ever. "Her work ethic is why she's signing today," said Coach Paul. "She has a passion for the game, and you won't grow without passion."