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Updates to the House System

Posted: 8/29/2019

We hope your students have had a great start to the school year - and that they are excited about the updates we've unveiled to the House system.

Last Friday was our first House Friday! That's a new aspect of the House system this year; students were given House polos in their homerooms this week, and can wear their House polos and jeans on Fridays! We owe a huge thanks to the Upper School PVA, who provided the polos for our students.

Some other exciting updates to the House system you should ask your students about:

  • Incentives. As students earn House points for good deeds and acts of excellence, they can redeem points for awards and bonuses, like homework passes. 
  • Faculty participation. Every faculty and staff member on campus is part of a House this year, and will join students in House Polo Fridays (the competitive banter on the teacher email list is inspired!). 
  • House points. We use to hand out hundred and thousands of points at a time. We've scaled that down so that students earn one point at a time - 25 and 50 during House competitions.

Houses are how we foster community and student leadership at the Upper School. Whether it's House polos, Flex periods on Friday afternoons, or fundraisers, encourage your students to fully participate in House life.