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Performing Arts Announces Play, Cast

Posted: 8/30/2018

We're excited to announce our Upper School fall play, Children of Eden. Stephen Schwartz's pop musical tells the story of creation and mankind's first days in the wilderness outside the Garden.

In this production, the entire cast serves as an ensemble “troupe” of storytellers. The entire cast will remain onstage for most of the show, with the storytellers commenting on the actions of the biblical characters and serving many different storytelling functions.

Cast List

Abel — Luke Farris
Adam — Ran Campbell
Cain — Juliette McKinley
Eve — Sophia Lindholm
Father — Andrés Murcía
Snake — Alejandro Mata

  • Natalie Didier
  • Henry Jiang
  • Sarah John
  • Gilberto Lajara
  • Issac Olguin
  • Elliana Heríques Quallo
  • Emil Sacco
  • Dominic Sanchez