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A Letter from Tom Yao '16

Posted: 1/31/2018

Dear Holy Spirit Prep Family,

Today, as part of Catholic Schools Week, we celebrate Parent Appreciation Day. Thank you for choosing Holy Spirit Prep and for continually supporting our school community. The greeting cards you received this afternoon are handcrafted, and the designs date from both my time here at HSP and at the Savannah College of Art and Design. They are a personal gift of gratitude for your care and love for our students.
As an alumnus, I directly benefited from our loving community. I encountered a lot of difficulties and had a hard time adjusting to a different environment when I first came to the United States. However, many people from the HSP community approached me and helped me to overcome each challenge*. Those memories touched me deeply and eventually led to my conversion to the Catholic Faith.

I hope my gift and experience can be a motivation for your continual love and generosity toward our students and the HSP community.

Thank you! I hope you will enjoy the cards.

Peace in Christ,
Tom Yao, Class of 2016
*I especially want to thank: the Ambo family, the Casal family, the Deen family, the Jones family, the Labbe family, the Neff family, the Pham family, the Woolson family, the Wilhelm family, and the Zurovchak family.

You can learn more about Tom’s artwork and his personal story at