The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Center of Academic Excellence

The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Center of Academic Excellence at Holy Spirit Prep serves academically gifted students in 3rd-5th grades. Enrollment in the Seton Center is elective and complementary to an enhanced range of academic enrichment opportunities provided to all students through the school’s differentiated learning program. 


Participation in the Seton Center requires a student to have earned a total composite score at or above the 80th percentile on a grade-level standardized achievement test or a mental ability test taken within the past year. Recommendations from the student’s homeroom teacher and the Seton Center teachers are additional criteria for ongoing participation in the program.  

Eligibility for enrollment in the Seton Center is an honor and indicates outstanding intellectual ability. Enrollment carries a responsibility to participate in and complete the academic enrichment challenges that are offered. Seton Center students are committed to additional academic work outside of school.


Students enrolled in the Seton Center benefit from:

  • Individual and group research and writing projects during Seton Center classes
  • STEAM lab activities
  • Book club meetings
  • Field trips to cultural events offered in the city of Atlanta
  • Group service projects 

The Seton Center learning modules run approximately nine weeks in length and include a separate literature component. Learning modules are concentrated on math, science and social studies topics. Students participate in 45-60 minute grade-level classes once a week.

Tuition for Seton Center students in grades 3-5 is $600 per academic year. 

For additional information regarding the Seton Center, please contact Karen Fickett at

Karen Fickett
Seton Center Coordinator