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Relic Calls Students to Reflect

Posted: 12/19/2018

The incorrupt heart of St. Jean Marie Vianney visited Holy Spirit Catholic Church last Friday and Saturday as it stopped in Atlanta during its national tour. Students in grades 5th-12th made a special visit to the church to venerate the relic on Friday during school.

Seeing the relic, 6th grade students were inspired by the incorrupt heart. "It was amazing to be near a saint's heart," recalled Ben Messer. Kneeling at the relic, students felt the presence of God and all the angels and saints. "We got to bless it," explained Graeme Marshall, "and then bless ourselves. It was amazing to see a heart."

Visiting and venerating the incorrupt heart strengthened the faith of our students. Kelly Kerew said that St. Jean Marie Vianney is "an example of God's faith" to her. Riley Sciacchetano hopes to "see St. Jean Vianney in Heaven one day."