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A Catholic Schools Week Message from the Head of School

Posted: 1/31/2018

Dear Holy Spirit Prep Family,

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

I thank you for your support and partnership with Holy Spirit Prep. As a token of gratitude, one of our alums, Tom Yao ’16, donated a series of greeting cards to each of our families. Tom is an accomplished artist who converted to the Catholic Faith while at HSP. I include a letter from Tom, who shares his own appreciation for the transformational experience he had while at HSP.

Read Tom's letter

Last week, The New York Times had a thought-provoking article on a particular college course currently offered at Yale University. The course is the most popular course ever offered in the school’s 316-year history, one in which nearly ¼ of undergraduates (almost 1200 students) enroll. “What is the course about?” you ask. The most popular course at one of the most selective colleges in our country is about happiness and the good life.

The attention this course has drawn is worthy of some pause, particularly for those in the business of forming young people in today’s hurried and distracted world. Hundreds of bright, driven young people at Yale are thirsting for an answer, an antidote to their stressed and numb experience of accomplishing the next accomplishment. While I am not surprised at this, my heart aches nonetheless.

Today marks the midpoint of Catholic Schools Week, a weeklong annual celebration of our Catholic schools, and, for us, of our Holy Spirit Prep and the goodness and beauty it offers to all who embrace its mission. My favorite moments during my years at the School have been those centered on the sacramental life. Such moments are tangible and beautiful reminders about the Answer we have in Christ. Forming a deep relationship with Him is the compass point that guides Holy Spirit Prep and its work with students, families, teachers, and alumni. Our Portrait of the HSP Graduate and Portrait of the HSP Teacher inform this approach.

As a faithful Catholic school with this focus, HSP is different; we are countercultural. We relish in this because the mainstream culture is not pointing our young people towards true happiness. This week we celebrate the important difference that marks authentic Catholic schools which are committed to providing our students and their families with a recipe for a deep and abiding joy.
May God bless you and your family.
Yours in service to Catholic education,
P.S., I hope that you can join us for our all-School Mass with Bishop Ned tomorrow at 8:15am. This will be Bishop Ned’s first visit to Holy Spirit Prep, and one that I hope will be special for him and our school community. At this Mass, we will also recognize various milestone years of service from a number of faculty and staff members.