K/Pre-1st 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Religion Christ Our Life Faith and Life Series
English Reader’s Workshop
Writing Our Catholic Faith Wordly Wise
Literature Circles
Writer’s Workshop
  Grammar Instruction
History Community/Georgia/American History World Cultures
Math enVision Math Pearson Course 1
Science Life, Earth, and Physical Science | LabLearner Earth and Physical Science | LabLearner
STEM STEAM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)
Foreign Language Spanish
Music Performing Arts, Elementary Chorus, Orff Ensemble Performing Arts, Liturgical Choir
Fine Arts Fine Arts
Physical Education Physical Education


Personalized Learning
Our maximum class size of 22 students allows students to receive considerable personalization in their academic program. While Holy Spirit Preparatory School provides an academically challenging college preparatory program, our Personalized Learning Program, administered by our Student Success Director, provides individual enrichment in all subject areas to students at each grade level. The director of this program is available to consult with classroom teachers, develop materials, and offer strategies to personalize instruction so that expectations are set for all students at all proficiency levels.

The faculty and staff support and encourage students in their pursuit of excellence in all endeavors. Teachers, working in a partnership with the parents, monitor and encourage the active involvement of students in their own learning which enables each child to benefit from establishing goals and working to accomplish their objectives. Through instruction that allows the teachers to be sensitive to each student’s individual learning style, the child’s self-image is nurtured during these formative years. Our curriculum develops incrementally as it incorporates all areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, thus enabling each child to grow cognitively, conceptually and physically.

Core Classes
Holy Spirit Preparatory School emphasizes grammar and vocabulary in order to assist students in the acquisition of effective communication skills. While Phonics is the methodology initially used to develop a strong foundation, reading comprehension is the primary focus at the intermediate level and students are encouraged to progress at their own rate. Mathematics instruction begins with a hands-on, concrete approach and builds on a solid foundation of basic mathematical ideas and concepts. The Science and Social Studies curricula provide students with knowledge that can be related to their own experiences and form the foundation for in depth study in High School.

Enrichment Opportunities
Enrichment classes include enjoying learning to speak a foreign language (Spanish) while studying the cultures of the various countries in which the language is spoken. Physical Education programs provide gross motor development, physical fitness, and team sports in an arena of cooperative effort and good sportsmanship. Music and Art instruction at Holy Spirit Preparatory School includes opportunities in the performing arts and a comprehensive program in the visual arts. The STEAM Lab provides opportunities for students to apply their creativity and critical thinking skills to an integrated curriculum composed of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.