Thank you to everyone supporting Holy Spirit Prep’s 2021 GOAL Scholarship tax credit! 

2021 GOAL Contributors
updated October 11, 2021

LLC Contributors
Those contributing via an LLC or pass-through entity may contribute up to $10,000

Laura and Thomas Christian

Lee and Gordon Evans

Denise and Erik Gunderson

Carolyn and Neil Johnson

Joann and Todd Jones

Shannon and Brad Kinzey

Greice and James Murphy

Kelly and Joseph Neumeier

Richard O'Connell

Kelli and Lee Pennington

Vivian and Jeffrey Proctor

Christian and Christopher Riley

Kelsy and Steven Schwalb

John Sherwood

Patricia and William Turpin

Serena and Jacob Young


Individuals may contribute up to $2,500

Margaret and Scott Acker
Albert Ahlstrom
Lana and Cannon Alsobrook
Kelly and Michael Angelo
Claudia and Michele Aquino
Catherine and Kenneth Athaide
Bernadette and Thomas Balestreire
Tracy and Kevin Bannon
Lesley and Christopher Baradel
Katherine and John Beauclair
Rebecca and Mark Bernier
Ave Bransford
Debora Brown
Brittanie Browning
Cassandra and Anthony Cabrera
Ashley and Randolph Campbell
Alyssa and Alan Carson
Ramona Carter
Devarra and Louis Casal
Mary and Pu Cheng Chang
Alice Claeys
Angela and Jeremy Cohen
Audra and Thomas Cole
Jennifer and John Cooper
Valerie and Cameron Crandall
Stephanie and David Cusimano
Curtis Dashiell
Bibiana and Jean Paul De Santolo
Moira and Shannon Denton
Ann and Patrick Devine
Kristen and Brian Didier
Edward Dillon
Danie and Joseph Dinardo
Joseph Dinardo
Ruth and Lewis Diprima
Angela and James Dirr
Marta and Gustavo Duran
Megan and Christopher Durham
Jennifer and David Dwyer
Erika and Charles Eaton
Mary and Richard Enzinger
Howard Farris
Ashley and John Frey
Blair and Andrew Gowasack
Marianne and Joshua Gregory
Renee and Christopher Grubbs
Kimberly and David Hanna
Sally and Frank Hanna
Jeanne and William Heekin
Margaret and Stephen Hellrung
Lisa and John Herman
Lisa and Forrest Hibbard
Anne and Robert Holdsworth
Francesca and Rehad Hossain
Lisa and Jeffrey Huberty
Maria and Leonard Insalaca
Michele Jackson
Anne and William Janci
Karen and Erik Johnston
Maura and James Kelly
Maria and Joseph Kichler
Emily and David Labbe
Marie and John Lambremont
Kathryn and E. Richard Leahy
Vyvy and Lawrence Lee
Dorothy and Forrest Leef
Pamela and Mark Leinmiller
Katherine and Patrick Lewis
Jane Ayer and Alvaro Lievano
Gina and Edward Lindekugel
Ludmila Lopez
Judith and John Love
Emily and Robert Lyles
Kathleen Magnusson
Emma and Daniel Magree
Wendolyn and Christopher Markham
Natalie and Ryan Marshall
Summer Martin
Andrew and Maria Martinez Nicks
Patrick McAtee
Maxine and James McGrath
Ellen and William Miller
Deborah and Terrence Minor
Alice and George Missbach
Berthe and Shapour Mobasser
Tricia and Nicholas Mulcare
Maria Rosa and Juan Munoz
Mary Nagode
Ashley and Zack Napier
Jamie and Jason Neff
Erica and Christopher Neligan
Alanna and Javier Oliver
Catherine and Edward O'Meara
Monica and Kurt Oppermann
Martha and Andres Pelaez
Elizabeth and An Pham
Viet Pham
Meghan and Kyle Pietrantonio
April and Anthony Piplica
Daniel Pompilio III
Aubrey and Brett Prylinski
Manami and Andrew Quattrociocchi
Bridget and Peter Radosta
Jamie and Matthew Reger
Jennifer and James Richter
Michael Rieger
Susan and Charles Riepenhoff
Leslie and Douglas Rose
Ruth and Emil Sacco
Elizabeth and Stephen Samp
Jennifer and William Sande
Araceli and Ulises  Sanroman Ramirez 
Jessica and Mike Schelke
Natalie and Jacob Schirra
Lu Anne Schwarz
Theresa and Manuel Sequeira
Theresa and John Shutt
Peggy and Jack Sinks
Karla and William Sipos
Clarisa and Rodney Southworth
Kelly and Jeffrey Sprecher
Karin Stamy
Casey and Alexander Sullivan
Marcia and Francis Sullivan
Camille and Michael Toppo
Maria and Celso Torres
Betty and Paul Troup
Terry Trout
Cameron Tyer
Marylu and John Valek
Alicia and Carl Valenzano
Sherrie and Brian Van Oss
Susan and Steven Verlander
Marie and Jose Villazon
Jennifer and Vernal Vincent
Ivo Vissenberg
Laura and Mauricio Vives
Christine and Zachary Walker
Allyson and Todd Wandtke
Stacey Weiss
Christine and Donald Welsko
Kristina and Ryan Wilhelm
Lisa and Harold Wyatt
Therese and Charles Wyble
Robin and Anthony Yezzi
Jeffrey Zickus