Georgia GOAL Scholarship

2020 Tax Credits Are Now Available!
Make your pledge today! Payment is due March 2020.

About GOAL
GOAL is a state tax credit program that allows Georgia taxpayers to redirect a portion of their state tax payment to a private school of their choice. This contribution gives a dollar-for-dollar credit towards your state tax liability. With these funds, HSP is able to provide tuition assistance for qualified students. If you pay state tax on your tax return - single, married, LLC, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp - you qualify for this dollar-for-dollar tax credit. Help support school choice for Georgia’s families.

Do you receive a K-1? 
You qualify for an increased tax credit! LLCs, S-Corps, Partnerships, and Pass-through Entities can receive a Georgia income tax credit for up to $10,000 per owner.

Maximum Pledge Limits

LLC, S-Corp, Partnership, Pass-through Entity
up to $10,000

Married - joint tax return
up to $2500

Single - single tax filer
up to $1000

Apply for the GOAL Scholarship
Families who apply for need-based financial assistance and have a child entering PreK-4, Kindergarten or 1st grade (or any grade by way of transfer from a public school) can be considered for the GOAL scholarship.

If you would like to be considered for GOAL, please complete the need-based financial assistance process as explained on our Financial Assistance page as soon as possible, as we have very limited, uncommitted funds being held for our school.

MaryLynn Llop
GOAL Coordinator
678.904.2811, ext. 231

Meet some of the many students supported by GOAL.