Our Sponsors and Attendees

Our 2020 Gala Sponsors

Platinum ($15,000)
Kim and David Hanna
Sally and Frank Hanna
Patty and Bill Turpin

Gold ($10,000)
Francesca Aguilar and Paul Hossain
Kathleen Magnusson

Silver ($7,500)

Bronze ($5,000)
Sandi and Anthony Cabrera
Stephanie and David Cusimano
Natalie and Ryan Marshall
Meghan and Kyle Pietrantonio
Lisa and Harold Wyatt

Green ($2,500)
Rebecca and Mark Bernier
Homrich Berg (Tricia and Nicholas Mulcare)
Karen and Erik Johnston
Cindy and Mike Jones
Deborah and Bruce Miller
Araceli Sanroman and Ulises Ramirez
Marylu and Jack Valek
Kristina and Ryan Wilhelm


See Who's Coming!*

Claire and John Angelle
Rebecca and Mark Bernier
Jackie and Jeff Bohling
Jenny and Brooks Brown
Sandi and Anthony Cabrera
Ashley and Grier Campbell
Dede and Adolph Casal
Sarah and Ryan Casey
Cassandra and Jose Casique
Tonnie Lentz and John Cassandra
Kristen and Dan Ciprari
Audra and Tom Cole
Holly Hill and David Cole
Suzanne and Ben Cumbie
Stephanie and David Cusimano
Kristin and Michael Delaney
Angela and James Dirr
Maria Teresa Ray and Agustin Durand
Megan and Chris Durham
Carolyn and Mike Ecker
Sarah Novascone and Tom Fanning
Madeliene and Mike Flanagan
Marcela and Alex Friedrich
Blair and Andrew Gowasack
Renee and Chris Grubbs
Denise and Erik Gunderson
D'anne and Sean Heckert
Lisa and John Herman
Amy and Dan Hillman
Zandra and Tom Horkan
Francesca Aguilar and Paul Hossain
Karen and Erik Johnston
Cindy and Michael Jones
Suzanne and Brent Jones
Martha and Charlie Keith
Mary and Johnathan Kenny
Maria and Joe Kichler
Amanda and Rick Kuhlman
Shelly and Scott Lehmann
Katie and Pat Lewis
Leyla and Matt Lewis
Gina and Ed Lindekugel
Jennifer Summers and George Maranville
Laura and George Marshall
Natalie and Ryan Marshall
Margaret and Chris Martin
Irene and Andy Mason
Lynn and Peter Meenan
Erin and Bill Messer
Deborah and Bruce Miller
Katie Keleman and Andy Moots
Tricia and Nicholas Mulcare
Clara and Cesar Olguin
Tami and John Oliva
Martha Vega and Felipe Palaez
Christi and Todd Patrick
Megan and Rob Peters
Meghan and Kyle Pietrantonio
Vanessa and Paul Prempeh
Araceli Sanroman and Ulises Ramirez
Mary and Ted Ryan
Ruth and Emil Sacco
Kate and Brian Sell
Alexis Savage-Casale and David Sharp
Kathryn and Gary Sturgeon
Christine and Richard Sturm
Casey and Alex Sullivan
Julie and Scott Tocci
Patty and Bill Turpin
Daryl and Steve Vash
Giselle and Jose Villazon
Kayla and Sam Walker
Kristina and Ryan Wilhelm
Lisa and Jerry Zurovchak
Dana Altone
Jane Ashford
Fr. Timaru Atraga
Allison Berry
Debora Brown
Msgr. Edward Dillon
Cristina Dinella
Tim Durski
Morgan Gallagher
Sarah Giesen
Heather Kerutis
Fr. John Klein
Karen Klopp
Rachel Little
Kathleen Magnusson
Kelly Rose Magnusson
Maria Menendez
Hector Padilla
Lyndsay Pinzone
Jessica Schulte
Kyle Simonis
Michelle Sipos
Elizabeth Stromberg
Georgia Tate

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