Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Fund and how does it differ from other fundraisers at HSP?

The Annual Fund is used to supplement day-to-day operations within the school. Currently tuition covers only a percentage of the total costs to operate our school. Unlike tuition, donations to the Annual Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Every dollar raised through the Annual Fund is used to offset expenses supporting all children at Holy Spirit Preparatory School. Other fundraisers like the Wreath Sale for the Parent Volunteer Association (PVA) or the Spring Gala have specific support areas outside of day-to-day operations.

Why do we have both the Annual Fund and PVA Fundraising?

Annual Fund donations are made directly to the school to offset tuition and other expenses. Donations made to the Annual Fund are tax deductible and many corporations will match Annual Fund donations, doubling or tripling the value of your gift. On the other hand, the fundraising done by the PVA involves the entire community through various events such as the Christmas Wreath sales. These events build the sense of community that makes Holy Spirit Preparatory School so special. Proceeds from PVA events are used for the betterment of the school for events such as Family Advent Evening, but are not used to offset tuition specifically.

What exactly does my tuition payment cover?

At Holy Spirit Preparatory School, tuition currently covers about 80% of the direct operating expenses of running the school, including salaries and benefits, books and supplies, student support, maintenance of the buildings and grounds, and utilities.

How does the school pay for the remainder?

The remainder is covered by our fundraising efforts, with the vast majority coming from the Annual Fund. By keeping tuition lower by 20%, we are able to make Catholic education more accessible to families who want to provide their children a Catholic foundation.

Where do we spend Annual Fund money?

Every single dollar raised through the Annual Fund is used to support day-to-day operating expenses of the school. These are expenses that would have to be covered by higher tuition if we did not have an Annual Fund. Unrestricted gifts help the school meet expenses that recur each year, such as faculty salaries, arts, athletics, innovative learning programs, financial aid, and capital improvements.

Why am I being asked to make a pledge before December 31st if the Annual Fund runs through June 30th of next year?

All Annual Fund donations are spent in ‘real time’ to cover the financial needs of the school. The sooner that the school knows exactly how much the Annual Fund will raise, the easier it is to forecast the financial strength of the school’s budget.

How do I make my gift?

You can make your gift by returning the envelope that was mailed to you, or you can make a pledge of gift by credit card online at our giving page.

What are this year's giving levels?

The 1996 Level 
$19,960 and higher

The Donoghue Level 

The Donnellan Level 
$5,000 - $9,999

The Dillon Level 
$2,500 - $4,999

The Paraclete Level 

The Gold Level 

The Green Level 
Up to $499


May I donate stock to the School?

Yes. Many Holy Spirit Preparatory School donors find it advantageous to make their gift to the school in the form of appreciated stock.

How do I find out if my employer matches my donations to HSP?

Please check with your Human Resources Department. Most companies that match education donations will match donations to Catholic schools. Once you receive your matching form from your employer, fill out your section of the form and send it to HSP with your check, or notify the school if you have registered your gift with your company online. We will then verify the receipt of your gift so that we are eligible to receive the corporate match.

Doesn’t the Archdiocese of Atlanta subsidize tuition?

No. As a private institution, Holy Spirit Preparatory School receives no financial support from the archdiocese.

Does the GOAL scholarship tax credit count as my Annual Fund gift?

No. The GOAL program provides a dollar-for-dollar tax credit to people or corporations who donate to scholarship funds earmarked for use by a specific private school. Georgia GOAL program restricts the use of these funds. Holy Spirit Prep must use the money to offer tuition aid to a public school student seeking enrollment. Annual fund gifts by definition are unrestricted.

What about the Spring Gala? Doesn’t that pay for teachers?

The Spring Gala is specifically directed to fund continuing education and training of teachers.  We are blessed to have one of the most talented staff’s in the area. Our ability to invest into the continued development and enhancements of the talents of our staff allows us to provide the very best possible education for our children and to attract and retain the very best of the best in the teaching profession.