The Annual Fund

Our participation percentages include:

The Annual Fund is a financial gift the school asks the entire community to make each year above the regular costs of tuition. At nearly all private schools, tuition only partially covers the costs of education; the remainder customarily consists of endowments, grants, and private donations. As a keystone of support for Holy Spirit Prep, the Annual Fund helps close this gap, reducing the time we spend fundraising and strengthening our capacity to provide a quality Catholic education for our students. The amount you give does not matter as much as participation: we appreciate whatever your family chooses to give. 

A gift to the Annual Fund is the primary gift your family can give to Holy Spirit Prep each year in support of our communion of effort to educate our children. Our Annual Fund is young, and currently accounts for only 3% of HSP’s annual revenue. As we grow, we need to increase this level of giving to an average of 8-10%, a normal range for independent schools, so that we can continue to thrive and achieve greater financial stability.

The Annual Fund is necessary to support our day-to-day operating expenses. It allows us to respond to immediate needs and make improvements that directly benefit the students during the year in which the gift is made. Annual Fund donations are tax deductible. 

Annual Fund Giving Levels

The 25th Silver Anniversary Level
$25,000 and higher

The Donoghue Level 

The Donnellan Level 
$5,000 - $9,999

The Dillon Level 
$2,500 - $4,999

The Paraclete Level 

The Gold Level 

The Green Level