The Sacrament of Confirmation, Spring 2018

Dear Parents of the Sophomore class, 

Here are some important details regarding this spring’s sacrament of confirmation:

Key Dates 

Further details will be forthcoming as the dates approach; mark your calendars!

Confirmation retreat: Thursday, Mar. 8, 2018 (meet at Lower Library; 8am-3pm)
Confirmation rehearsal: TBC, (during the school day)
Confirmation: Monday, March 19th at 7:00 pm, Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Paperwork and Deadlines

Below, you will find links to two important forms, one for you and your child to fill out, and another for his or her sponsor. 

  • Candidate Information Form must be turned in by November 17, 2017.  It is important that we have this information on file as soon as possible for the necessary sacramental preparations. 
  • Sponsor Form must be turned in by February 19, 2018. This form includes the necessary requirements to be eligible as a sponsor for the sacrament.  Please encourage your son or daughter to make this choice with much consideration.  The sponsor stands not only as witness to their preparation, but is also meant to be mentor and guide as they continue their faith journey through life.  While another student may meet the eligibility requirements, please note that students asking other student to be their sponsors will need to discuss their reasons for said decision with our chaplain before asking them.
  • Students must turn in confirmation name/patron saint to their theology teacher by February 9th, 2018. They should choose a saint with whom they find some particular affinity, perhaps one they would like to imitate or feel they can relate to.  Their theology teachers, chaplains and I are more than happy to help them get to know some of the countless saints in our Church!

Please have both forms returned to the front office, Attn: Beth Van de Voorde, RE: Confirmation, or emailed directly to me.  Any questions you may have regarding the content of the sacramental preparation can be directed to your son or daughter’s theology teacher, Mr. Thomas Clements, as this sacramental preparation takes place through his religion classes. 

I am happy to meet with you, should you have any questions.  Be sure of my prayers for you and your family, in particular as your child prepares for this special moment in his or her journey of faith. 

Yours in Christ,
Beth Van de Voorde
Upper School Campus Ministry