Athletic Achievements


2 GAA and  2 GBAA State Indoor Champions (2011)
NFAA Indoor National runner-up (2011)
ASA 3 D Team Shoot champion (2011)
National Championship Cup, Young Adult Female Freestyle Limited Class: Sarah Cullen (2013)
2nd place, National Young Adult Freestyle Limited Class: Adam Kendall (2013)
3rd place, National Young Adult Freestyle Limited Class: Winston Zhang (2013)
4th place, National Young Adult Freestyle Limited Class: Caroline Suarez (2013)


We currently field a varsity and middle school team. In 2014, Cougar baseball won first place in the regular season in Dunwoody Senior League, and, after being invited to a higher division of play for the league tournament, finished 3rd. In 2015, our Middle School and Junior Varsity squads (which included a significant number of 8th graders) posted a combined 10-5 record facing a number of larger GHSA schools and some varsity GISA squads.


Varsity Boys

GISA state tournament elite eight (2016)
GISA region champions (2016)
​GISA state tournament Final Four (2007)
Region runner-up (2007, 2011)
State playoff appearances (2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012)

Varsity Girls

State playoff appearances (2009, 2011-2015); Elite Eight (2013)
Region champion (regular season, undefeated region record) (2013)
Region co-champion (regular season) (2012)
Region runner-up (tournament) (2012)
All-state players, 2014
All-region players (2013, 2014)
2 GISA Scholar-Athletes, 2015

HSP Basketball Players in College
Sewanee: The University of the South:  McKenzie Jones


HSP also offers opportunities for Junior High and Varsity girls to participate in cheerleading for a variety of sports teams.

Cross Country

Varsity Girls

State tournament, 2nd place (2014)
State tournament, 3rd place (2013)
Region champions (2010, 2011, 2013, 2014,)
Region runner-up (2008, 2009, 2012)
State meet appearances (2007 – 2012)

Varsity Boys

Region champions (2010, 2011)
State meet appearances (2007 – 2012)

HSP Runners in College
Wofford College: Ryan Doyle, Cole Watson
U.S. Naval Academy: Hannah Meadows


Varsity (GISA)

Region champs (2007)
Region runner-up (2006)
State playoff appearances (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)

Varsity (GFC)

State Champions (2011)
Second Round of State playoffs (2012)

HSP Players in College
Sewanee:  The University of the South: Curtis Johnson, Max Jones, Andy Moots
Hargrove Military Academy, then Florida Atlantic: Constantine Giannopoulos


Region champion (2007, 2010)
Region runner-up (2006, 2008, 2012)
State Championship appearances (2005 – 2015)
Individual region low-medalists: Charles Genner (2007); Ben Verlander (2010)


Varsity Boys 
State finalist and runner-up (2007, 2012)
State Final Four (2006, 2011)
Region champion (2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2014)
Region runner-up (2009, 2010)
U.S. Youth Soccer Goalie “Save of the Year” (Luke Whelan, 2012)

Varsity Girls
State Final Four (2014, 2015)
State quarterfinalist (2011, 2012)
Region champion (2011, 2012, 2014, 2015)
Region runner-up (2008, 2009, 2010, 2013)

HSP Soccer Players in College
Megan Radosta ('15): Berry College 
    Recipient of GISA Morris C. Johnson Academic Athlete Award
    Recipient of Georgia Soccer Phil Woosnam Soccer Scholarship

Selina Kelete ('14): Emory University at Oxford
Mia Voss ('14): Queens University
Luke Whelan ('14): Belmont Abbey College
Celso Torres ('12): Washington University, St. Louis
Brianna Ryce ('12): DePaul University
Louie Brann ('12), Harvey Mudd College
Kali Higgins ('10): Benedictine College
Megan Spitler ('09): University of North Georgia


In the past (e.g., in 2011), HSP has fielded a girls softball team where the interest and participation level were sufficiently high. 


In the past (e.g., in 2011), HSP has fielded a swim team where the interest and participation level were sufficiently high. 

GISA State Meet: Ben Verlander: first place, 50 and 100 meter free style; second place, 200 meter free style (2013)


Varsity Boys

State champion (2006)
Region champion (2006, 2011)
Region runner-up (2007, 2008)

Varsity Girls

State champion (2006)
Region champion (2006)
Region runner-up (2007, 2008)

HSP Tennis Players in College
Monmouth University: Ben Dashiell
Ava Maria University: Jessica Cocks

Track and Field

Varsity Boys

Region champion (2006, 2008, 2011)
Region runner-up (2007)

Varsity Girls

Region champion (2008)
Region runner-up (2007)

HSP Track and Field Athletes in College
Wofford College: Ryan Doyle
Shorter College: Chris Sickafoose


Volleyball Achievements
State playoff appearances (2009, 2012)

HSP Athletic Program FAQs

What sports opportunities may be available for my child that may not be available at some other schools?

At HSP, there are great opportunities for students to make each team and play.  Athletes also can play more than one sport at HSP, unlike at many other schools, where a year-round commitment to one sport is required.  At these larger schools, the athletes are often hand-picked or otherwise recruited, making it very difficult for even very good athletes to make the team or get meaningful playing time.

If my child is interested in playing sports in college, will being at HSP hinder his or her prospects?

Not at all.   In most team sports, such as soccer and basketball, college coaches pay attention to the club system (AAU, Club or Travel Soccer) when recruiting.  Individual sports, such as cross country and track & field, have objective measures of success (e.g., running times), so where a student attends high school does not matter.  HSP has sent students to college on athletic scholarships in a variety of such sports.  While high school success may have some greater significance in football, players interested in a college career create tryout tapes, play in all-star games, etc.  As noted, HSP has sent football players to Sewanee: The University of the South and others.

What level of parental support is there for HSP sports programs?

Parental support of the HSP sports programs is strong, and growing.  Through Cougars Corner, Poker Night and the annual Golf Outing, parents support the teams financially.  Parents also volunteer for a variety of jobs at, before and after the games (e.g., clock, scorebook, announcer, ticket sales, football chain-gang, pregame meals, and clean-up).  The bottom line is that, for a school of HSP’s size, the success of and support for the sports teams are solid, and increasing every year.  In addition, it takes time to build sports traditions, and for a young school, HSP is well on its way to establishing such traditions – which enables success to continue and sustains the programs in the future.

What prospects are there for the addition of teams in sports not currently offered?

The challenge HSP faces in this regard is that, due to its size, at times it has difficulty fielding several multi-player teams in a given season.  That said, HSP is always willing to support any team for which there is sufficient interest, or even an individual student who wishes to participate in a given sport.  For example, this past Winter, Ben Verlander participated in the GISA State Swimming Championship on behalf of HSP, where he won first place in two events and second in a third.  Likewise, as noted, HSP has fielded softball and baseball teams in the past, and hopes to do so again if the numbers justify it. 

What is the status of upgrades to the sports facilities, including Cougar Field?

First, HSP has built or upgraded some of its facilities already in recent years, at substantial expense.  For example, the Upper School gymnasium was newly constructed in 2005, and the Lower School gym and fields were recently renovated. 
Second, HSP spent a substantial amount of money acquiring the land on Lake Forrest Drive for Cougar Field and related facilities, and additional money in defending the neighborhood zoning challenges.  HSP now owns the land outright and has the legal right to develop it into the planned-for facilities.  The last hurdle before proceeding with the construction is raising the approximately $8 million dollars necessary to fund the development costs.   HSP plans to begin a capital campaign with that goal in mind.  Once built, Cougar Field will have a football/soccer field.  Future facility upgrades elsewhere on campus may include baseball/softball field and track.

How are coaches selected and hired, and what does the future look like in that regard?

Several of our teams are or have been coached by members of our faculty and administration: for example, Pete Radosta coaches girls Varsity soccer, Mike Sickafoose coaches boys Varsity and JV basketball, Maggie Horne Tereshinski has coached the Junior High girls soccer team and now assists Coach Radosta at the Varsity level, and Mike Verlander coaches the golf team.  In those instances in which HSP does not have a faculty member with the requisite experience to coach a given team, HSP hires coaches from the community, after a careful search and vetting process.  If a coach does not work out, for one reason or another, HSP listens to input from students and parents and acts decisively in changing coaches for the following school year.

Why are students not allowed to participate in after-school athletics on Wednesdays?

HSP has always reserved Wednesday afternoons as non-sports days at the Upper School.  With its focus on strong academic achievement, HSP believes that giving students a mid-week break from after-school sports is essential to help them meet the oft-times extraordinary demands they face in keeping up with their schoolwork.