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Football Fights to the Finish

Posted: 9/11/2019

Last week, both middle school and varsity football teams fought hard in their respective games. The middle school boys won their fight against Community Christian with a final score of 42-26. 

Varsity football met a tough opponent in Lanier Christian Academy. After being down 0-28 at the half, our boys came back strong in the last two quarters. We scored two touchdowns, adding some pressure to the Lanier defense, but ended up short at the final whistle, 13-36.

Join us again this week as both teams take on Young Americans Christian Academy:

Middle School Football at YACS
Thursday, September 12 • 6:00pm • Away

Varsity Football at YACS
Friday, September 13 • 7:30pm • Away

Photo Credit: Olivia Jones, 11th Grade