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Sophomore Commits to Northeastern

Posted: 4/4/2019

Last week, sophomore Natalie Olsen committed to play college soccer at Northeastern University, an NCAA Division I school in Boston.

Natalie has visited Northeastern a few times and was highly recruited by the coaching staff. Over Spring Break, they offered her a spot on the team along with a scholarship, so Natalie and her family took some time to consider all of the various aspects of attending school in Boston. After consideration, Natalie decided Northeastern is the school for her, both academically and athletically. Being offered a spot on a D-I soccer team as a sophomore in high school is an amazing accomplishment. Natalie’s years of training and playing at a high level have paid off for her as her dream of playing college soccer is now a reality. Natalie feels a strong connection with the coaching staff and looks forward to the day she steps on the pitch with the Lady Huskies.

One of Natalie’s primary strengths is her versatility on the field. For her ECNL team, she plays the left outside back (defender), so she is well-versed in playing both defense and getting involved in the offensive attack. For Holy Spirit Prep, she has played either an attacking or holding midfielder position, with a bit of defender thrown in when necessary. This year, though, she is learning a new role: high striker, the cherished and challenging #9 role. This is a much different position than she has previously played because most the time, the high striker’s back is turned to the opposing goal. This is a challenge for a midfielder or defender who is accustomed to seeing the whole field, particularly when attacking the opponents’ goal. Natalie is doing very well in learning the high striker position as she already has 8 goals on the season. Aside from her high “soccer IQ” and technical skill, Natalie is able to use both feet, which is an accomplishment all on its own. Natalie has the skill and the soccer vision to be a successful standout at Northeastern.