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Anthony Edwards Commits to UGA

Posted: 2/20/2019

Last Monday, Anthony Edwards announced his plans to continue his basketball career at the University of Georgia for the 2019-2020 season. The school community gathered in the Upper School gym joined by several reporters and photographers from local news outlets, including Evan Daniels with CBS Sports who interviewed Anthony, live-streaming the announcement on their website.

Anthony chose the University of Georgia for many reasons, one of the most important being his family. "My sister just had my nephew, I want to see him grow, so [staying close to home] was a big factor," explained Anthony in the interview. His announcement reflected his family values: Anthony held his nephew, Jace, and unzipped his little jacket to reveal a Georgia shirt underneath.

Anthony was also inspired by some of his favorite players, Dwayne Wade and Victor Oladipo, who were coached by Georgia Head Coach Tom Crean, as well as the atmosphere of a Georgia basketball game. "I went to a game, and I felt the fans in the gym, everybody showing love, and I felt like I was home," Anthony said.

Hearing from some middle school basketball players, we learned how inspiring it came be to see someone from our school have this kind of success. "I would have never believed that we would have someone from HSP play in the NBA," said 7th-grader Vincent. Another middle school player, 7th-grader Ty dreams of playing at Notre Dame, and Anthony's success "makes it easier for someone like [him] to get recognized."

We can't wait to watch the Bulldogs next year, and cheer on Anthony as he strives to bring home a national championship for Georgia in the 2019-2020 season.