Performing Arts

While preserving the National Standards for Music Education and Theater Education, the Lower School's performing arts program allows all students to connect their music and theater experiences to their faith, history, and culture. The performing arts curriculum is rich with various opportunities for students to interact, create, and critique as they participate in musical or theatrical performances. 

The goals of this program are to promote general music and performance as a means of fostering creativity; and, to identify, nurture, and share our students’ God-given gifts with the school community. This is accomplished with heart-felt joy in knowing they are praising God in a special way!

The extracurricular performing arts clubs embrace the elements of music that serve as a pathway to a fuller musical understanding and expression. It is the training ground for life-long musicianship in both liturgical and secular settings.

The Lower School has joined with Metro Music Makers to offer a band program for Lower School students that includes a variety of instruments such as saxophone, flute, guitar, and trombone. Students take private lessons with MMM instructors during the school day. 

Orff Ensemble (grades 2–6)
In Orff Ensemble, the children have a unique experience as they embrace the elements of performance. The Orff approach embodies four areas of performance – movement, speech, singing, and playing the beautiful barred instruments as well as simple percussion instruments. Self-expression and improvisation are key components to making this club chock full of fun and laughter! Annual performances include the Christmas Concert and Art Show entertainment.

Elementary Chorus (grades 1–5)
This club enjoys a group sound singing vocal exercises in unison and fun songs arranged for two-part harmony. Performance experiences include a featured spot in the Christmas Concert and the Lower School Open House. 

Musical Theatre (grades 3 – 6)
Our performing arts program also provides opportunities for students to be actively involved as an actor in a major musical production.  This club appeals to students who are gifted and talented in Theatre Arts or to students who simply enjoy the art of story telling! A major musical is chosen as our Lower School Spring Production.

Liturgical Choir (grades 5 and 6)
This club invites older students who are interested in serving the Holy Spirit Prep community in a special way as they train to lead the congregation in song and worship. Individual cantor training is available to these students for solo work as well. In addition to preparing for monthly Lower School Masses, these members are given special performing opportunities. They are the “go-to” soloists, emcees, and actors for various events.