Lower and Middle School Fine Arts Program

Our visual art students learn to find the good, the true, and the beautiful in all things.  Creating art that is pleasing to God helps students to develop a closer relationship with their own creator, enhances spiritual growth, and helps them understand their role as children of God.

General Music (Kindergarten - 3rd grade) and Band (4th grade - 5th grade) students meet 4 days a week.  Students from Kindergarten through 3rd grade read and write music, are versed in conversational solfege, play a variety of instruments, learn to move their bodies through folk dance and music, and develop a foundation in basic piano skills.  Our band students learn how to produce characteristic tone and technique on a variety of wind or percussion instruments through performing in a full concert band. There are also opportunities for students to perform in small chamber groups.  Students perform several concerts per semester.

Our middle school students participate in either concert band, symphonic band, or choir five days a week.  Band students focus on foundations of wind and percussion performance techniques and play music in a variety of different styles.  Multiple chamber groups are available and students interested in jazz have the opportunity to make music with our jazz ensemble.  Choir students sing at weekly Mass and perform standard choral repertoire, sacred music, show tunes, and more.  Our middle school art classes offer a project based curriculum that includes painting, drawing, 2D and 3D design, sculpting, and a variety of other techniques.  Concerts and Art shows are held several times per semester.

We also host our own extra curricular music academy so students who wish to focus on developing further as musicians can do so within the comfort and convenience of our campus.

If you would like more information on our fine arts programs, please contact our Fine Arts Director Len Insalaca, at