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Taylor Corey, '07

Posted: 10/31/2013

Taylor, you were a member of the second graduating class of Holy Spirit Prep. Can you tell us about your experience as an HSP student?  I went to a different high school before going to Holy Spirit Prep. Before HSP , I was very distant from my faith (actually, I barely knew what “being Catholic” meant); I was not interested in academic or athletic participation. My parents’ decision to enroll me at HSP changed my life. Although I wasn’t the best athlete, I was able to play on the soccer team thanks to HSP’s no-cut policy, which allows students to participate in all kinds of extracurricular activities. I know I gave Mr. Radosta several strokes during my time on his team! I appreciate most of all the lifelong friends I was able to make during my high school career. In fact, two of my high school classmates were bridesmaids in my wedding, and we are currently planning a weekend to get together in a destination city!

So many people from the Holy Spirit Prep community influenced me in vast ways that it’s hard to count! Many of these influential people were my own peers, with whom I wish I kept in touch. Others were teachers, such as Ms. Dardis and Ms. Hunter-Kilmer , my theology teachers, who helped me find the faith I now pass on to my three-year-old twin boys. I am grateful for Dr. Deen and Ms. Kenyon, my history and math teachers,  for challenging me to think outside the box; for Ms. Rombalski , my art teacher,  for always being there for me;, and for Mrs. Browning for tolerating me and helping me through my “high school drama.” Most especially, I am grateful for the way Mr. Genner expected the most out of me by always pushing me harder and harder to do my very best in everything. I am certain that I would not be the person that I am nor be as successful as I have been had I not attended Holy Spirit Prep.

Can you tell us about your experience as a student at Spring Hill College? I was involved in the nursing program at Spring Hill and thoroughly enjoyed it. Being at a Jesuit college, I was able to continue a journey of learning about my faith. I urge anyone who is considering a small college near Atlanta to consider visiting their absolutely beautiful campus!

Any neat hobbies?  I wish I had time for a hobby! I recently started my own business and, as I mentioned before, I have three year old twins: I would call that an accomplishment! James and Bryce are my biggest blessing. They teach me something new everyday! I actually had their baptism at Holy Sprit Catholic Church; family and friends from all over the country attended, including Mr. Genner and Fr . Paul.

I understand you are a real estate agent in Miami! How did you become interested in real estate? What is the best advice you can give a student who is interested in going into this field?  Both of my parents are involved in real estate. My mom was an agent and my dad is an auctioneer. I’d say ‘it’s in my blood.’ When my family moved to Miami, I decided to go for my license and see what would happen. With a lot of hard work and great family support, I started my own real estate agency, The Corey Group, and have sold over $8 million this year. I have qualified for New Agent of the Year through Coldwell Banker and have appeared in media articles in outlets such as the Miami Urbanist . I advise anyone who is interested in real estate to go for it! Being a real estate agent is tough and very time consuming. There is no such thing as a “weekend’’ or 9-to-5 if you want to be successful, but you get out of it what you put in! You work for yourself and help people find their dream homes- what beats that?

Taylor Corey, Class of '07
Taylor's adorable twin boys, James and Bryce.