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The Head, Class of '10

Posted: 12/3/2013

Mike and I are both Writing majors at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD-Atlanta Campus), and Jacob is a Psychology major at Georgia State University. HSP has had a huge influence on who we are as band. We could always count on both students and faculty to attend our shows throughout high school. They'd not only buy our merchandise, but would also spread the word to their friends at other schools. HSP was also nice enough to let us host charity concerts when we were students. In a way, the HSP community formed the beginning stages of our fan base, and we are very grateful for that.

Pete Radosta is one of the teachers who really inspired us to pursue music. He always told us to stick to our passion regardless of what others said. He not only attended every show of ours back in high school, but he also accompanied us during our first tour up the East Coast in the summer of 2011. He helped manage the tour and would endure the sleepless nights with us. It was a blast. To this day, he can still be spotted at Head shows both in Atlanta and beyond. Pete is a great teacher, mentor, and friend.

We formed in 2007 during our freshman year of high school. We came up with "The Head" after watching an episode of That '70s Show in which one of the characters inherits a record store and names it "The Head." We wanted to have a name with "The" in front of it (like all those '60s bands), but we also wanted a name that sounded weird, so "The Head" seemed to fit well for us. Some our biggest influences include The Beatles, REM, the Stone Roses, Wilco, and Queen, among many others.

All three of us write the songs. It is a collaborative effort in which we all share songwriting credit. Some songs develop spontaneously from band rehearsals, while others are more carefully planned out. It really all depends. Since 2007, we've experimented with more harmonies than ever and have also expanded our instrumentation to include harmonicas, keyboards, and sometimes a little bit of banjo. Our music still has that high-powered energy, but we've definitely learned to incorporate instruments beyond guitar, bass and drums.

Our biggest aspiration as a band is to hit the road full time once we graduate college in 2014. Upon graduation, we'll be releasing our sixth record and will also be embarking on a year-long tour in support of its release.

You can access all our music and show schedules at:

You can also be more updated on our shows by tracking "The Head (Official)" on

For students who are interested in pursuing music, never give up. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true. Persistence will take you places. Make sure to leave your ego behind and always be nice. Being nice also takes you a long way.