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Brianna Ryce, '12

Posted: 5/30/2014

Brianna, how did your experience at Holy Spirit Prep help form you into the person you are today? My experience at HSP has helped immensely in my college studies. Particularly, the level of difficulty of HSP schoolwork has helped me to not feel overwhelmed by the amount of homework that I receive on a daily basis in college. 

In addition, HSP’s commitment to giving back to the community has stuck with me in college. At HSP, I participated in Moda Real, a program that helps young girls learn about modesty and inner beauty. By seeing the importance of service and generosity while I was at HSP, I chose to continue volunteering at DePaul. 

Can you tell us about your experience as a student at DePaul University? Tell us about a recent neat project, internship, club or hobby with which you’ve been involved.
DePaul University has been a great place to go to college. By attending a university in the city of Chicago, I am able to live and experience life in a big city. Furthermore, I am able to apply what I learn in my business classes directly into the growing and renown business culture of Chicago.

Through DePaul’s Career Center, I was able to participate in a paid work opportunity with United States Soccer Federation. I received this opportunity when I was a freshman. As a first year college student, I did not have any legitimate business experience under my belt. I am extremely grateful for the Career Center at DePaul because without them, I would not have been able to network and receive the great opportunity to work for U.S. Soccer Federation. 

Brianna, you’re on the Blue Demons varsity soccer team. How did HSP’s soccer program prepare you for the college level? Any advice for female athletes interested in pursuing college athletics? I played midfielder and forward my freshman year at DePaul. This past season, I played center-back in order to assist my team in an area that we had a short amount of players, due to injuries. 

HSP’s soccer program helped prepare me for the college level because I was able to take on a leadership role. At the college level, leadership is very important. At HSP, I was able to be captain for my junior and senior year; and thus, I was able to learn the value of being a leader in my effort and attitude on and off the field.

My advice to females pursuing college athletics would be to not be afraid to seem “unlady like”. Throughout my sports career, I was constantly afraid that playing a sport would make me seem too tough or too “manly”. From my experience, I know this mindset is especially evident among high school girls. My advice is that if you truly love playing a sport, you should not worry about appearing to be “manly”. Working hard and playing your best is neither a feminine or masculine quality. I want young female athletes to realize that the popular, masculine opinion of athletics needs to be broken in order for more females to succeed in sports.

What’s your favorite memory from HSP? My favorite memory from HSP would have to be Mrs. Askins’s AP Spanish class. I can remember every student in that class being completely different, but somehow we became close friends by the end of the year. Mrs. Askins allowed us to learn the Spanish language in a fun, yet productive way that also gave us a chance to showcase are unique personalities!

What are your plans after DePaul? My plan after DePaul is to stay deeply involved in sports. Either through playing professionally or business, I want to stay connected to the sports world. Ideally, after graduation, I will continue training and playing soccer in order to participate in a World Cup for the United States Women’s Senior team.

Brianna Ryce is pursuing a degree in Marketing with a double minor in Spanish and International Business from DePaul University.