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Charlotte Lambert, '07

Posted: 4/30/2015

Charlotte, please tell us how your experience at HSP helped shape you into the person you are today? HSP provided me with the skills necessary with which to thrive in college and in “the real world.” During high school all of the teachers and faculty at HSP went above and beyond to provide a foundation for my continued education, scholastically and spiritually.  I have always been a creative-minded individual and the diverse class options that HSP offered helped segue me into pursuing a degree in Industrial Design.  The leadership and public speaking skills that I gained while at HSP helped me to run and become the president of Auburn’s Industrial Designers Society of America chapter while in college.

While at HSP, I was involved in the founding of the Beta Club and our main project was creating a volunteer program to bring extracurricular activities to the Solidarity School.  Seeing such joy on the faces of the kids and volunteers having fun was always such a rewarding experience. This has left a unique mark on me and I strive to volunteer and give back to the community as much as possible.

What’s your favorite HSP memory with the Class of 2007? Some of my fondest memories from HSP center around the time that I spent in the theater department.  From One Act Play classes to theatrical productions,  there was always an exhilarating atmosphere which surrounded all of the productions.  Hours spent in rehearsals and traveling to and from One Act Play competitions cultivated some of the best friendships I had while at HSP!

Can you tell us about your company, Southern Draw Designs, and how you had the idea to start it? What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? Any neat recent projects? Would you like to share about your experience working as a contract product designer with Creative Marketing Associates? I’m a firm believer that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life! I can truly say that working as a contract product designer for Creative Marketing Associates allows me to do just that. I started my own company, Southern Draw Designs, about two years ago so that I could work in a contract position for Creative Marketing Associates. I design apparel, home-goods, and jewelry items for companies like Coca Cola, Grand Ole Opry, Paula Deen, SMI Motor-Speedways, The Loveless Café, Universal Studios, and Kawasaki to name a few.  It’s such an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to see items that I design on the computer go to sample, production, and be sold in the market.  I’ve actually been out in Atlanta and have seen people wearing apparel that I’ve designed! The projects that I work on change on a daily basis but I can honestly say that one of the coolest properties that I’ve designed items for is Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

To all aspiring entrepreneurs out there I would just like to say that you shouldn’t be afraid to just go for it: starting your own company can seem daunting but you’ll never know how rewarding it can be if you don’t try.

What other aspirations do you have for the future? My fiancé and I just purchased our first house and I’m very excited to have some space to start working on my own furniture designs. In college, I developed a passion for wood-working and would love to get to a point where I can market and sell my own furniture.

Charlotte resides in Atlanta and holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design from Auburn University.