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Sarah Picciano, Class of 2010

Posted: 6/5/2018

How did your experience at HSP help form you into the person you are today? I feel like my time at HSP really helped form who I am today. Academically, I was prepared for college courses and the workload because of the skills HSP taught me. Spiritually, HSP is the most welcoming environment. Questions and discussions are encouraged and the teachers are always willing to listen. Religion class was always one of my favorites. Especially with Mr. Verlander!  From an athletic standpoint, I was able to grow in the sports I played my whole life - softball/baseball - while still being able to try out new sports I normally wouldn’t be able to. 

Was there a specific experience or particular teacher at HSP who kindled a desire in you to go into your field of choice? Ms. Rombalski (now Mrs. Rondeau) was definitely a mentor for me. It is funny because I never actually took an art class – and, trust me, I am a terrible artist – but she was always a teacher I could talk to. She also coached me in basketball and softball, so she was tough on me from an athletic point of view. Whether it was academic or spiritual, she always gave a listening ear and provided the consistent message of “find your passion and stick to it!” That message has stuck with me ever since and I have absolutely stuck to my passion within my career. 


How do you hope to serve God and others in your field? I hope to serve God in my field by acting as that mentor and listening ear for others. Marketing is such a creative field and you have to have a passion for it. 


What is your favorite memory from your time at HSP? There are quite a few memories that come to mind here, but I would say playing varsity baseball as the only girl in the league for 2 years was pretty special. My teammates and the coaching staff were all extremely supportive of me being on the team and I really don’t think any other school would have been as encouraging as HSP. I was truly blessed to be able to play the sport I love in such an amazing atmosphere.


A close second to this memory would have to be winning the House Day talent show twice with Jeannine Torres, Mr. Curtin and Mr. Labbe!  #PurpleHouse 


Tell us about your experience as an undergrad. As a collegiate athlete, I feel like my undergrad experience was very unique and my time at HSP really prepped me for the craziness of that undergrad schedule. Being able to manage practice and games in addition to class and projects is not done without discipline and organization: both are traits that are fostered at HSP. 


I was also involved in the “Crusaders for Life” club at Belmont Abbey College. The Pro Life movement is one that is near and dear to my heart and one that I have continued to advocate for throughout my adult life. I was involved in the Pro-Life club at HSP as well and actually competed at the state speech competition for HSP. 


My undergrad internship is actually how I landed my first job post-college. For those who think internships are just a waste of time or that they don’t work, I am proof that they do (as long as you work too)! I did a volunteer internship in corporate sales at Charlotte Motor Speedway and after moving back home to Atlanta, I was introduced to the team at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I had a leg up on anyone else interviewing simply because of my internship. From that internship alone, I met more people in my industry and still keep in contact with them! You learn as you get older just how small this world really is and how important first impressions can be!  


Can you tell us about a recent experience that you will always remember? This is tough because I feel blessed to have been able to do some really cool things already in my career. Honestly. just the opportunity to travel as much as I have over the last 5 years has been amazing. I have been to almost every state in the US and had the opportunity to work on some really cool programs/projects across multiple marketing platforms. 


What are your plans for the future? Aside from taking over the world? My future plans are really just to continue to grow in my field and make a name for myself in the marketing industry. I have some big projects I am currently working on and excited to see those come to life over the next few months. 

I also have a goal to become an international marathon runner. I have run multiple marathons and half marathons here in the US, so I am ready to take it overseas! Hoping to do that in 2018!

Sarah Picciano (’10) graduated from Belmont Abbey College with a degree in Business Management/Marketing. She is the Regional Marketing Manager for the South for Marriott International, covering three brands across four states: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee. Sarah currently resides in Atlanta.