Student Leadership

Upper School Leadership

A critical part of the students’ lives throughout the Upper School experience is student leadership.  Junior High students have opportunities to join the House System as Junior High Reps during their 8th grade year as well as lead clubs for their peers.  During grades 9-12, students have a plethora of opportunities leading service Apostolates, clubs and in our House System.  The Head Boy and Head Girl serve all of HSP as the “student faces” of our community.  Our goal is to further develop young men and women into people of a strong catholic faith, character and service.

Lower School Leadership

The Lower School offers leadership opportunities at every grade level, both within the classroom and among the broader school community.  From line leaders to Mass readers, Lower School students take on servant leadership roles beginning in Kindergarten.  In grades 3-5, students serve as “buddies” or mentors to children in younger grades and in grades 3-6, students have the opportunity to represent their class on the Lower School Student Council.  In addition, many Lower School students take on leadership roles in the Mass.  All altar servers, lectors, and liturgical choir members are students.

Preschool Leadership

There are many wonderful leadership opportunities in the preschool.  Starting in PreK-2, each student is assigned a weekly classroom job such as line leader, calendar helper, weather helper, flag holder and snack helper.  In PreK-3, students also participate weekly in Show and Tell where they bring in a special item, present it to the class and describe what it means to them. Our PreK-4 students participate in two preschool Masses during the school year: Thanksgiving and Easter. The students  take turns participating in praying the Prayers of the Faithful and bringing up the gifts. We also have PreK-4 representatives for May Crowning and the High School Graduation.