Personalized Learning and the Small School Advantage at Holy Spirit Prep

From the beginning of our school, we have held the belief that children and young adults are comforted by and blossom within smaller, more intimate communities.  Our children live and move in a metro area of five million people.  If we can provide for them just a little slice of “Mayberry,” a village to which they can anchor themselves, they will be much more secure when they go out into the world.  We believe it is a mistake to throw children into large student populations where they do not all know one another.  There will be plenty of time for that when they go to college.  Our experience with our graduates has shown us that the secure formation that they have received in the intimate community of Holy Spirit Prep has best prepared them to have confidence when they move on.  In the end, a pre-K – 12 school is supposed to be an extension of the family, not a small imitation of a university.

Educational research strongly supports the positive impact a small school environment has on academic outcomes and extracurricular involvement. 

  • Our small school environment with low student-teacher ratios places a strong emphasis on individual and small group instruction.
  • When learning activities are more easily differentiated, our students take more responsibility for their own learning.  This results in higher academic achievement, a positive attitude towards school, and a sound sense of self-identity.
  • Our teachers are able to employ a variety of teaching strategies, such as cross-curricular integration, team-learning, differentiated assessment, and hands-on experiences.
  • Our teachers are able to get to know their students very well and then make the necessary provisions for their talents, needs, and God-given potential.
  • All stakeholders—students, teachers, parents, and staff—in our school come to know and care about one another.  This emphasis on community and personal interaction helps to develop healthy, long-lasting relationships.
  • Our students demonstrate a greater feeling of belonging and a stronger sense of community which translates into more pride and involvement. 
  • Every school has various leadership positions, but the more students, the lower the likelihood of wide participation.  Our small student body enables children of all levels of ability to pursue, and even excel at, their extracurricular passions.