Our college preparatory program combines a rigorous, classical liberal arts education with cutting edge facilities, curriculum and programs that equip our students for any vocation or academic or career objective. Our core academic programs are unashamedly geared to average and above average college-bound students while our personalization, small class sizes, complimentary tutorials and honors and advanced placement programs ensure that every one of our students can find an appropriate level of academic rigor and success. At Holy Spirit Prep every student is, by design, afforded a maximized opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.

Holy Spirit Preparatory School is committed to a holistic learning process that encourages each student to attain a fuller knowledge of the world, of self and of God. As a Catholic school, Holy Spirit Prep clearly and firmly articulates the moral and doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church. We emphasize the formation of conscience by incorporating Christian values, morals and practice within our daily curriculum and activities and we constantly acknowledge each student's individual spirituality thereby providing the opportunity for each to grow within his or her faith.

As we lead our students toward becoming leaders in our community, our personalized program reflects our school's respect for the talents and interests of each our students. Our school environment, marked by positive experiences, builds self-esteem and encourages personal fulfillment in our students as responsible members of our learning community. Our program enriches the student's spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, social, emotional, and physical development. Learning methods utilized in all curricular areas foster creative expression, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, honor, good character and a love of learning. Our faculty and staff strive to be positive role models and, by their love and dedication, support and encourage students in their individual pursuit of excellence.