Portrait of a Holy Spirit Teacher

At Holy Spirit Prep, we are committed to providing students and their families with teachers who: 

  • Embrace and live the teachings of the Catholic faith;
  • Pray daily, attend Mass faithfully, and contemplate the beauty of Creation;
  • Emulate the person of Jesus Christ, our model of an ideal Catholic school teacher;
  • Model the virtues we seek to develop in all of our students;
  • Instruct our students according to the best practices of Catholic education;
  • Demonstrate genuine love for our students, their parents, and colleagues in every interaction;
  • Build relationships founded on mutual trust, respect, and goodwill;
  • See every interaction with our students as a valuable moment for teaching;
  • Cherish our students for their unique personalities and talents;
  • Craft inspiring lessons that encourage learning as an inherently good, life-long endeavor;
  • Present the Truth as objective, knowable, and a gift from God;
  • Challenge and support our students to make the most of their God-given potential;
  • Welcome partnership with parents, who are the primary educators of their children;
  • Achieve courteous, proactive communication with our students, their parents, and colleagues;
  • Utilize available technology purposefully to enhance our students’ interest and learning;
  • Exhibit intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm across all disciplines of study;
  • Strive always to develop professionally and to improve their mastery as teachers;
  • Embrace opportunities to coach sports, sponsor clubs, and lead service apostolates;
  • Encourage students through their presence at athletics and arts events;
  • Maintain an interest in being of service to their students long after graduation day;
  • Pray that God’s will be done in the life of every student they have taught;
  • Aspire to be saints themselves who in turn inspire students to a life of communion with God and their loved ones.