About the Motto and Crest


The Jerusalem Cross recalls the universality of the Church centered in Jerusalem, where our salvation was won.



Golden Crown. A symbol of Christ, our King and Savior.



Mary. Mother of Jesus and our spiritual mother. The stars represent Mary as the Queen of Heaven and our intercessor before the throne of God.



Dove. The Holy Spirit, our Counselor and our school's patron.



Ministrare non ministrari. "To serve and not be served," in Latin, the language of the Church. Quoted from Jesus (Matthew 20:28) and the motto of Archbishop Donnellan, for whom the Lower School campus is named. It is the goal of formation at the heart of an HSP education: that each person learns to recognize God as the center of our lives, that we work to develop our God-given talents, and are drawn into selfless service of Him through our fellow man.