Holy Spirit Prep is approved by the Archbishop of Atlanta as an independent Catholic school, is listed in the Official Catholic Directory, and is owned and operated by a Georgia 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  While the School is not sponsored, financially supported, or otherwise controlled by any religious order or congregation, the Legionaries of Christ provide the School with a Head Chaplain who oversees the spiritual and sacramental instruction for the students and faculty of the School.  The Head Chaplain is approved by the School’s Board of Directors and reports to the Head of School.  

Holy Spirit Prep has three divisions:  an Upper School (grades 7-12), a Lower School (grades K-6), and a Preschool (Pre-K2 through Pre-K4).  Each of these divisions has a divisional Principal, to whom the Head of School delegates certain operational duties.  The Upper School and Preschool campuses are located at 4449 and 4465 Northside Drive.  The Lower School campus is located a 5-minute drive away at 4820 Long Island Drive.  Both the Lower School and Upper School campuses are owned by the School.  The Lower School campus was acquired in 1994 from a local private school that was relocating, and the Upper School campus was acquired in 2004 from the Archdiocese of Atlanta.   The School also owns a large piece of property on Lake Forrest Drive which it plans to develop into additional athletic fields and school community facilities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a self-perpetuating board and is the body that is charged with the governance of the School.  The Board defines the School’s mission, determines its strategic direction, and secures and protects its financial resources.  The Board oversees the Head of School who is responsible for the administration and operation of the School.  The membership of the Board appears below and is currently comprised of the Pastor of Holy Spirit parish, the chaplain for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cancer Home, two current Holy Spirit Prep parents, two former Holy Spirit Prep parents, and one Holy Spirit parish parishioner.  The Head of School and Head Chaplain also serve on the Board as non-voting, ex-officio members. 

Monsignor Edward J. Dillon, J.C.D., Rector and immediate past Chair
Father Paul Burke, J.C.L.
Joann G. Jones, Chair
Kelly Angelo
Matthew S. Coles
David G. Hanna
Frank J. Hanna
Neil Johnson
Michael E. Jones

Ex-Officio Members:
Kyle M. Pietrantonio, Head of School
Fr. Juan Hernandez, LC, Chaplain

The bios of the members of the Board of Directors can be found here.

Meetings of the Board and Board Committees

The Board of Directors generally meets on the Upper School campus several times every year.  The Board committees adopt a meeting schedule that suits their requirements.

The Board currently operates through four official committees.  Only current Directors serve on the Executive Committee.  The remaining Board committees are comprised of current Directors, as well as other members of the Holy Spirit Prep community.  Following is a list of the Board committees and a brief description of each.  School-related matters not listed as committee responsibilities below are considered either by the Executive Committee or full Board, and are managed by the Head of School.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the Chair of the Board, the Rector, and other Directors.  This committee reviews matters for consideration by the full Board and serves in an advisory capacity to the Head of School.  The Chair of this Committee is Board Chair Joann Jones.

Facilities Committee

This committee advises on the School’s physical plant and its properties, which include its major buildings, athletic fields, and undeveloped land.  The Chair of this Committee is Head of School Kyle Pietrantonio. 

Finance Committee

This committee oversees the finances of the School.  It reviews and approves the annual budget and supervises all policies and procedures regarding the income generated and costs incurred by the School. The Chair of this Committee is Board Director David Hanna.

Strategic Planning Committee

This committee advises on the long-term needs and goals of the School and recommends actions necessary to meet them.  Working closely with the Head of School, and other Board committees, it strategizes and plans for the future of the School in all areas.  The Chair of this Committee is Board Director Frank Hanna.

Loving our Students

Trustee Frank Hanna addresses parents of alumni on the investment he makes in the lives of HSP's students
Mr. Hanna speaks on treasuring your children
Mr. Hanna speaks on teaching children that God loves them
Mr. Hanna on the blessings of investing in HSP's students
Mr. Hanna invites parents of HSP graduates to stay involved