Our Proposed Campus Plan

Since establishing the Upper School in 2004, Holy Spirit Prep has partnered with our neighbors to preserve the tranquility and beauty of our neighborhood. As we endeavor to unite our separate neighborhood campuses and improve current traffic and parking issues, we remain as committed as ever to the preservation of our neighborhood.

We are proud to share our master campus plan with our friends, family, and neighbors.

To better address the concerns we heard from our neighbors and other individuals who attended the community meeting held at Holy Spirit Prep on Tuesday, October 30, Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Holy Spirit Preparatory School have decided to delay the date for filing an application for a Conditional Use Permit with the City of Sandy Springs. This will also enable us to factor in comments from the Cities of Sandy Springs and Atlanta. We will continue to keep everyone informed on this page.

At any point during this process, questions can be emailed to, and answers will be posted below.

Proposed School Improvements

In collaboration with Holy Spirit Catholic Church, the Holy Spirit Prep community seeks to consolidate its two neighborhood campuses onto one site, and improve current traffic and parking challenges. The school plans the following investments on thirteen acres of undeveloped property in the City of Sandy Springs:

Consolidating Two Campuses
The Lower School is currently located 1.5 miles away in aging facilities on Long Island Drive. The new proposed Lower School site adjacent to the Upper School includes an outdoor playfield and two buildings housing HSP's Pre-K4-7th grade programs.

On-Campus Parking
A three-story parking deck with 250 additional spaces, eliminating overflow parking on neighboring streets.

Managing Traffic
A two-lane roadway from Mount Paran to the parking deck and Lower School, designed to mitigate the impact of additional vehicles coming to our campus. Combined with a carpool plan that employs the parking deck, 128 vehicles can queue on the proposed campus alone without disrupting traffic at the intersection of Mount Paran Road and Northside. Additional queuing is possible on the Upper School campus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We'll post additional questions as we receive them. If you don't see your question answered here, please call us at 678.904.2811, or email us at

How will this impact traffic on Mount Paran Road and Northside Drive?

Ensuring we don't negatively impact traffic has been one of our top concerns throughout the development of our campus plan. From an early stage, we engaged traffic experts to help us mitigate the impact of additional vehicles coming to our campus.

Three features of our plan help mitigate traffic at our intersection:

  1. A new roadway and parking deck that can be used as a staging area for carpool. 128 cars can queue on the proposed campus (our current Lower School carpool only sees about 110 cars).

    View our carpool queuing plan
  2. Combining campuses eliminates vehicle trips for 60-70 families who are currently dropping students off at two campuses in our neighborhood.
  3. Additional parking on campus eliminates overflow parking on neighboring streets.

Will you increase enrollment?

Our current assessment of our land use, facilities, and teacher-to-student ratio optimally places our maximum enrollment at about 750 students. We are a small school by design: we believe an intimate environment benefits students, and we intend to remain a small school.

How will this impact our tree canopy?

Holy Spirit Prep and Holy Spirit Catholic Church value our tree canopy and forest ecology, which provides us shaded walking, prayer, and cross country trails. Among our current practices to preserve our woods, we preserve the trunks of any trees requiring removal, to maintain bird habitats. 

We are conducting a survey of our forests to identify native plants that can be relocated on the property before construction begins.

The next phase of our proposed development plan calls for a tree study that will assess how we can preserve valuable trees on our property.

If approved, what is the timeline for construction?

The parking deck is an immediate priority for the parish, and would ideally be constructed over the next 1-2 years. A timeline for construction of the proposed Lower School campus is contingent on the successful sale of the school's campus at Long Island Drive, but is a high priority for Holy Spirit Prep.

Will new construction alter the residential quality of our neighborhood?

Our neighborhood is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city! We're committed to maintaining that quality. Our property sits on the site of a former quarry, forming a bowl in the neighborhood that drops steeply down from street level. Our existing campus isn't visible from street level on Mount Paran Road, and, combined with a proposed 60-foot buffer of existing trees and landscaping, our proposed development won't be visible either.

Does the campus plan include field lights?

No. There are no plans for a lighted athletic field, only a playfield for daytime use by the students. Our Upper School campus in its current form demonstrates that our approach to nighttime lighting is conservative, in keeping with the character of the neighborhood. 

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Community Meetings

We've met with key neighborhood leaders from the start of developing our campus plan. On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, we met with neighbors in a community meeting to present our plan and receive feedback and input regarding their interests and concerns, including traffic, trees, noise, and lights.
The City of Sandy Springs provides a petition for submitting comments regarding the campus plan. Voice your support for the plan at the link below.

Go to the petition form
use case numbers U18-0005 and U18-0006