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2013 AP Scores Overwhelm State, National, and Global Averages

Posted: 8/6/2013

The 84 Upper School students who took Advanced Placement exams this past school year rocketed past the performance of their peers in Georgia, the United States, and around the world, proving, through their education at Holy Spirit Prep, they are becoming prepared to take a place as leaders in the world.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses offered to high school students. Colleges often grant course credit to students based on their performance on the end-of-course AP exam, a standardized exam given to students around the world in the same week at the end of the school year. AP Exams are graded on a scale from 1-5; a score of 3 is the usual threshold most colleges require to accept the AP course for college credit. Holy Spirit Prep’s average for every exam was a 3-4, and our school’s average in virtually every exam crushed the state, national, and global average for the exam:

Most remarkably, in Physics and Calculus, some of the most notoriously difficult AP tests, HSP students beat every average by over a full point. It was Mr. Rondeau, who this year will lead the math department as its department chair, that prepared HSP students for those two exams.

As a campus, they have proved exceptional, but our students have also earned individual recognition for their accomplishments this year. The College Board, the organization that operates the AP program, recognizes three tiers of student accomplishment on the AP exams, based on student scores and the number of exams which they take. Our students have been recognized in all three categories:

In all, our students earned 29 5s, 36 4s, and 40 3s, a remarkable accomplishment. We are proud of our students, and look forward to the accomplishments they will continue to make through their education at Holy Spirit Prep.

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