The House of Trent

Hello, my name is Davey O’Haren and I am very proud to be the President of the House of Trent for the 2016-2017 school year, and am thankful for my fellow members of Trent for selecting me to carry on the tradition of great Trent House Presidents. My fondest memory of the House was my freshman year when we were victorious and we got to spend the day at Six Flags. I began school at HSP in 6th grade and began my House leadership career in 2015 as captain.

My goals for this year are to make the House system fun and inclusive for everyone, to create even more pride in the House of Trent, and build a lasting House identity. If these goals are achieved, victory will surely follow. I’m confident with Trent’s great leadership team - consisting of Deisi Casillas as vice-president, Chris Wilkinson and Sarah Durham as captains, Kaylea Focia and Emma Daly as prefects, and finally, Hayden Weis and Anabela Lassing as junior high reps,  all supported by the willing, bright and eager students of The House of Trent - that these goals will not only be met but be far surpassed. I look forward to serving my fellow House members, and doing my best to continue the House of Trent’s tradition of being the best House on campus.  

Sapientia vitam dat!

Davey O’Haren
Trent House President

2016-17 Photos

2015-16 Photos

1st Football Game

2014-15 Photos

2013-14 Photos

Trent House Meeting

6th Grade Tying Ceremony Lunch

House President Luke Whelan as the senior leader of the football team

Junior Captains Ean Huang and Peter "All Business" Nagel

Prefect Deisi Casillas with the "stuffed to capacity" Trent house point box

Master of the House of Trent, Mr. John Henry Spann

Siofra (7th) and Neala (11th) Casey at the Football Game

House Motto: Sapientia Vitam Dat ("Wisdom gives life")
House Saint: St. Anthony
Council of Trent: 1545-1563

To reform the corruption of the church and her officials.

Reaffirm pilgrimages, veneration of saints and relics, and the veneration of the Virgin Mary.

Determined that the Church is the ultimate interpreter of scripture.

Davey O'Haren
‚ÄčTrent House President

Deisi Casillas

Chris Wilkinson
Sarah Durham


Kaylea Focia
Emma Daly


Hayden Weis
Anabela Lassing

Junior High Representatives