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Upper School Exams: G

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Final Exams 
Final exams will start on Thursday, May 18, and continue through Tuesday, May 23. Review day, depending on when classes meet, will be on Tuesday, May 16, or Wednesday, May 17. The first exam each day starts at 8:00am and the second exam starts at 10:30am. Each exam is 1.5 hours long. Students will be done with exams and dismissed at 12:00pm. Students testing with extended time will test until 12:45pm. The exam schedule for this year is as follows (listed by period):


Exams Schedule
Thursday, May 18 A and B
Friday, May 19  C and D
Monday, May 22  E and F
Tuesday, May 23  G

Preparing for Exams 
Please make sure that your student brings a good, substantial snack; a water bottle; two #2 pencils; and a calculator (if applicable) during final exams. Students need to be at school on time as the first exam starts at 8:00am. If a student arrives past the start time, he/she will run the risk of not being able to take the exam that day and need to make it up on Tuesday, May 23, at 10:00am.
Tutorial Schedule
There will be tutorial from 1:05pm to 3:05pm on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Tutorial is optional, but recommended for students that need teacher support studying for final exams. Lunch will be served for students staying for tutorial, but not for students leaving at 12:00pm. The tutorial schedule is as follows:

Tutorial Schedule
Thursday, May 18 C (1:05pm)
D (2:10pm)
Friday, May 19 E (1:05pm)
F (2:10pm)
Monday, May 22 G (1:05pm)

Students will review for periods A and B during the last day of class. Please note that tutorial times are assigned to these specific periods. Only students from that period will be allowed in classrooms, as we want teachers to be able to devote their undivided attention to the students that belong to that class. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation on this.
In Case of Illness
If your student is sick during final exams, please email the Front Office at as soon as possible. Your student will need to make up exams in the summer.

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